to be considered by the committee. THIS IS NEW THIS YEAR.  
    Applications are no longer allowed to be placed in the ASBC box.   
    There are no exceptions to this rule!
    Please mail completed applications to the following: 


    AHS All-Sports Athletic Booster Club

    Scholarship Selection Committee 

    13300 Will Clayton Parkway

    Humble, Texas 77346




    The mission of the AHS All-Sports Athletic Booster Club is to provide financial  support for the full range of Atascocita High School sports programs. We recognize the value of athletics, and promote academic success through athletic development. In order to promote Atascocita students beyond high school the club has set up the Atascocita High School All-Sports Athletic Booster Club Scholarship. Each year the club will accept applications from senior varsity athletes. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of outstanding moral character and work ethics displayed during their years at AHS in the areas of academics and athletics.


    Selected students will receive $1000.00 scholarships based on applications which take into account leadership, athletics, academics and a short essay. All scholarships will be paid directly to the school the athlete will be attending and comply with all NCAA guidelines.  One scholarship is available to a deserving athlete from each Booster Club recognized varsity sport. If no applications are received from a given sport by the deadline, no scholarship will be awarded in that calendar year.


    Please review the following scholarship guidelines before submitting your application. If you have any question regarding the scholarships please see your coach for assistance or contact the AHS All-Sports

    Athletic Booster Club Scholarship Chairperson, Shannon Wagnon at swagnon@embarqmail.com.    


    *********** The deadline for applying is March 31, 2016 ***********





    Scholarship Criteria



    1.      Completed three semesters at AHS and attained at least a 2.75/4.0 cumulative GPA on all high school work through the first semester of the senior year.

    2.      Lettered in at least one Booster Club recognized varsity sport.

    3.      Taken the ACT or SAT.

    4.      Must have participated in sports at AHS during the senior year and be eligible for graduation in May 2016.

    5.      Parent/Guardian must be a member of the AHS All-Sports Athletic Booster Club as of December 31, 2016.  Membership will be verified by committee.

    6.      All applications must be submitted with a Fall 2015 Semester transcript.

    7.      Applications must be postmarked by March 31, 2016.

    8.      Applicant must not be in the immediate family of a member of the AHS All-Sports Booster Club Scholarship Selection Committee.

    9.      After selection of recipient and before presentation of the scholarship, if the recipient should break any rule of HISD which requires disciplinary action or displays conduct considered inappropriate for a scholarship recipient, upon the vote of the majority of the members of the Scholarship Selection Committee, such scholarship recipient shall be withdrawn and awarded to the candidate with the next highest point total.






    All information will be kept strictly confidential within the selection committee and school faculty.

    Scholarships not redeemed by March 1, 2017 will be forfeited.


    The scholarship process involves a blind selection.  A committee is assembled which is made up of non-senior parents and AHS teachers.  The applications are divided into categories, assigned a number (athlete’s name is unknown) and individually reviewed by the judges, ranked, tallied and selected.  Each athlete should provide as much information as possible for each question.