• Research How To---click here for a comprehensive research process guide from the 
                                                        Kentucky Virtual Library
    Research Guide---How do I start? What do I need to do?
     1.  Task Definition
    • What do I want to know?
    • What other questions do I have?
    2.  Information Access
    • Where will I find the answers?
      • Books, Databases, Encyclopedias, Websites
    • Which of these resources will I use?
    3.  Where can I find these resources?
      • In the Library
      • Using the Library Website
    4.  Use of Information
    • What do I do with the information that I find?
      • Take notes
        • Manilla paper
        • Note-taking sheet provided by the teacher
    5.  Synthesis - Putting it all together
    • What will be my final product?
    • What do I need to complete it?
    6.  Evaluation - Did I do my best?
    • How will I know I did a good job?
      • Did I follow a rubric?
      • Did I answer all my questions?