The following are questions we are frequently asked by our members.
    Please review them and if further explanation is needed, feel free to contact us.
    What are the different positions in Mustang Pals?
    There are three different types of members in our chapter and are defined as followed: A pal is a student who is enrolled in the Special Education program at Kingwood High and has a physical or developmental disability or impairment who is paired with a high school student in a one-to-one friendship. A peer pal is a high school student who is a member of Mustang Pals and is paired up with a Pal. Peer Pals  are expected to stay in contact with their pals by calling them twice a week and spending time together twice a month.If you do not have enough time to be a full peer pal, you can be a family member. A family member is assigned to a pal and their peer pal. You can still have the experience of being paired with a pal while having less time consuming requirements. An associate member is a high school student at Kingwood who is not paired with a pal but still assists with activities and events as well as attends all group functions.
    What do I need to do in order to be in good standing?
    In order to be in good standing, one must meet their position's expected requirements. As an associate member, we would like for you to attend all meetings and socials if possible as well as contributing to our chapter's mission. If you are a peer pal, though, one has more responsibility as you are expected to stay in touch with your buddy and submit a monthly friendship update in addition to attending all meetings and socials.
     What are the requirements of being a Peer Pal?
     The requirements of a peer pal is that you must eat lunch with your buddy and communicate with your buddy at least once a week. Also, you need to hang out with your pal twice a month out of school. At the end of each month, you need to submit your friendship update through google forms with all you events.
     What are some things I can do with my Pal?
    There are several activities you can do with your Pal! You can go out for ice cream, have a movie night, go out to eat, go bowling, go on a walk, have an outing with multiple pal pairs. If you are having trouble getting in touch with your pal, feel free to let us know and we will help you out.
    What are "Points" and how do I earn them?
    Our point system is our system of keeping track on what members have stayed involved all year. If you reach a cirtain ammount of points, you are able to go on our end of the year field trip (for the 2018-2019 year, the number of points needed to go on our field trip is 18). Points are earned in a number of ways. For coming to one of our socials, you earn 2 points. For bringing food for our socials, you can earn anohter point. Therefore, if you come to a social and bring food, you recieve 3 points. If you attend a chapter meeting, those are 1 point each. We also have other random events throughout the year. Attendce to any other event is 1 point.