• UIL One-Act Play
    UIL OAP is different than our Fall and Spring plays. It is a competition piece that we work very hard on for two months. We go up against all the other middle schools in the district!!
    We are a lot more strict during the UIL play. Unless absolutely necessary, absences are not encouraged.
    Lines must be learned over Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.
    Auditions will take place on November 6th & 7th! 
    Grades have to be kept passing due to official UIL regulations. The crew size is also smaller. Per UIL One-Act guidelines, I am only allowed to take up to 15 actors, 4 alternates, and 5 crew members to the competition. That means only the heads of the crew are able to actually be backstage with us. Other crew members may attend the competition, but they will not be allowed backstage during our competition. (They can, however, during our performances at the school.)
    If you have any questions about the UIL guidelines, please feel free to contact us.