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     john  @KelseyCallPhotography
    My husband, John, and I recently celebrated our 15th anniversary.
    We have two wild and crazy boys! 
    First meet Brett 'Cash'. He's a sophmore at Atascocita High School.   
    He loves farming and fishing.   When he was three years old, he started growing cotton, corn on the cob, watermelon, sunflowers, black eyed peas, garlic, Swiss chard, lettuce, carrots and much more in our backyard.  
    My parents are farmers in Wall, Texas near San Angelo. My mother grows and sells many types of plants and veggies at the San Angelo Farmer's Market and my father farms mostly cotton. 
    Brett loves being a member of the Atascocita FFA chapter at AHS. He's enjoyed showing rabbits at the Humble Stock show last year. He can't wait to choose and raise his animal for this year. 
    Brett has plans on attending college and then heading out to take over the farm.  He's a country boy stuck in the suburbs.
        f f brett                   b   
    Then there's Drake! He is in 8th grade at West Lake Middle School.
         Drake drake @KelseyCal Photography 
    He loves anything sweet, just like him.  He has a witty personality! He's quite hilarious and doesn't even know it. 
    His interests are riding his dirt bike and cars. He loves to explain the make, model and add a few details on just about every car he sees.
    You can also find him on the football field this year at WLMS. Go WOLVES! 
    Drake is quite the gentleman when it comes to opening doors and helping.  Chilvary is not lost thanks to this sweetie!                           
     Drakey       drake  d  
    Brett Drake
    Tracks Sweet Brothers
    I'm an Angelo State University graduate. This will be my 22nd year in Eudcation. Over the years I've taught 4th grade through 1st grade, in that order. 
    This is my first year in Dyslexia and Dysgraphia Intervention.  Humble ISD has provided extensive training with all programs offered as well as my phonetic background from the last 20+ years. 
    I'm so very excited to be on this journey with you. We will soon become a team working together. 
    I'm always happy to build new friendships that will last a lifetime. 
    My communication line is always open.  Please contact me at any time. 
    -Mrs. Mullin