• I LOVE to read! In fact, it's my favorite thing to do. I want to share that joy with your child.
    Mrs. Copeland's Reading Tips for Parents:
    1. Read every day. - Please have your child practice reading every day. This reading can be to you, a friend, or even an animal. The more he/she reads, the better chance that your child will fall in love with books. - like me!
    2. Supply a variety of books for your child  to choose from.-  Our WC library is awesome! Don't forget our fabulous local KW library as well!
    3.  Share your love of reading. - Show your child that reading is important. Create a family reading night. Reading to your child or taking turns reading is a fun way to spark the love of reading and share books. Make forts, read outside, or create a book nook that your child finds fun.
    4.  Become involved in your child's books. - Ask them questions and show them you truly are interested. I bet you may even want to read the book your child is reading.