• Students have two week spelling units.  They receive instruction every other day.  We encourage students to organize their homework to fit their schedule and their academic needs.  This may be every day or every other day depending on their needs.

    Spelling Homework Menu

    You will have a list of spelling words weekly that have been introduced in class.  When you do homework, you can do a different activity to make sure these words and the spelling patterns are mastered.  

    Click here for the homework menu!

    You can also use a website called Spelling City to get your spelling words and play games to practice. 

    Here is how to find our spelling list each week.

    1) Go to https://www.spellingcity.com/susankmitchell/ .

    2) Or search Susan Mitchell for teacher name

    3) Click on my name beside Greentree Elementary (there are other Susan Mitchells)

    4)Scroll down until you see our spelling list.

    5) Click the list and you can play games!  WOW!!!