• How to check IPR for advisory students

     The 1st Six Week progress reports for the campus are located in the IPR folder on the Staff Common.  The file is password protected and can be used to have discussions with your advisory students. 

     To access the report, use the Password sent to you by Michael Nasra 

    1. You can then filter to find your advisory class by using the command CTRL+F. 
    2. Put in your Advisory classroom number (found in column 'C 'on the Teacher Tracker in the Counselor folder of the Staff Common folder) in the "find" field.


      • If you must save the file, please only save it to your personal network drive.
      • Do not save it to your desktop.
      • Do not email the file. 
      • Do not leave the file open on your computer unattended.

    This file will be available through Friday, Sept. 23rd.  After that date, it will be removed.

    Sophomore and Juniors Advisory information about PSAT & ASVAB

    1. PSAT & ASVAB instructions 
    2. ASVAB information -
    3. Why do student need to take the PSAT 
Last Modified on September 16, 2011