Dear AHS Senior Parents:

    It is hard to believe that on May 23rd, 2020, our seniors will graduate!  As you may know, parents of Atascocita High School will be hosting a drug and alcohol-free graduation party for our Senior Class known as Project Graduation.

    Every student in the graduating class is invited to celebrate together in an all night “lock-in” at the Max Bowl hosted by parent volunteers.  

    Project Graduation was conceived in Maine over 25 years ago after 18 teens lost their lives in drug and alcohol related crashes following high school graduations.  The event was so well received that it was quickly adopted by other high schools throughout the nation – including Texas.

    This is a totally self-supporting program sponsored by the parents and the community; we receive no funding from the school budget. Project Graduation is a certified 501c3 as a charitable entity; thus, all donations are tax free.

    Because of the enormous undertaking – there are several opportunities to become involved.  There are several fundraisers in process and several committees in need of volunteers.  We would love for you to join us!   This is a true graduation gift for our teens.

    We need you!