Explanation of In-Classroom Activities

  • All classroom sessions will include “circle time”… which involves- calendar, music, pledge of allegiance, letter of the week, & story time each day.  Also, the last 10 minutes of class, we will provide “center time” which allows for social interaction between the students. 

    All activities are thematic based & the themes are listed on all monthly activity calendars. 

    We prepare only enough materials for the number of children registered for each class, & for this reason…ALL materials (crafts, papers, etc.) are for registered SPARK students only, not for siblings --- older or younger. 

    1. Story Time & Art: we provide 2 – 3 stories, at least one craft, and will also include circle and center time.

    2. Arts & Crafts: our emphasis is more on crafts, and we will provide at least 2 arts & crafts projects, and will include circle and center time.

    3. Messy Fun: we provide a craft project that is usually more ‘messy’ or more involved, and will include circle and center time.

    4. Cooking with Kids: Cost is $1.00 per child… we will provide a fun food centered activity for the students, will include at least one craft, circle and center time.