•                                                  SPARK - Parent Expectations



    1. Please be on time for SPARK classroom events & planned community activities.


    1. As much as possible, please refrain from using cell phones (talking or texting) during our SPARK classroom activities.


    1. Please be seated or located near your child during our classroom events, and always help to keep the background noise to a minimum.

                    this includes parent conversations and socializing --- Your child's education is our priority!


    1. Encourage your child to be independent with their work, but provide assistance to them when needed.  


    1. Only redirect or discipline your own child, and no one else’s.


    1. Please do not bring toys from home with you to SPARK.

                    This can be very distracting to your child, as well as others.


    1. Be respectful of one another. Every child is different, and each child has different needs --- this should always be both appreciated and respected. 


    1. Please DO NOT allow your child to eat during SPARK classes. Since class is only 90 minutes or less, students should hopefully be able to attend without eating during this time period. You are always welcome to bring water bottles or thermoses for them if you need to.

                  In regards to younger siblings. If you bring snacks for them to eat in order to keep them happy... please do not allow them to eat all over the classroom. 

                  We have found crumbs & pieces of food in the strangest places! :)


    1. If you are in attendance with a younger sibling… please remember to keep them from interfering with the learning process as much as possible by:

                 a). Not allowing them to walk through the circle during instructional time.

                 b). Not allowing them to sit in chairs designated for the SPARK students or parents.

                 c). If the sibling becomes restless or becomes a distraction-

                      please step out of the room momentarily to avoid distracting the entire group.


    1. Please have high, yet realistic expectations for your child’s learning. The classroom will consist of 3, 4 & 5 year old students; therefore, many of the children are at different developmental stages academically & socially.


    1.   Actively participate with your child & have FUN:)