• Community Development LogoGrants Process in Humble ISD 
    The Office of Community Development – Grants Section serves as a communication link within the district and among collective agencies and organizations working on grant proposals or applications.  Our goal is to work with district applicants identifying funding sources and providing assistance with grant development.  In order to make this process smooth, please adhere to these basic guidelines as indicated in the following steps:




    Develop a well-rounded project or program plan to address the identified problem or need(s) with specific objectives and action items aimed at lessening or alleviating the need. Use the Project Overview form to address requisite narrative areas of your project.  (Grant making institutions will not fund a list of items.)


    Identify a possible funding source-Grant Alerts, Funding Websites, Content Area Publications, etc.  Be sure to consider Wish List!

    Determine whether or not you meet all requirements for eligibility as specified in the application guidelines or announcement. Contact Adrianne Holmes to assist you with this step.


    Discuss your project with campus/department officials regarding how it fits into the goals/objectives of the campus/district, etc.  Get campus or departmental approval to apply.


    Fill out the Intent to Submit a Grant form located on this website under Grant Forms. Completion includes a brief description of the proposed project.  Remember, you must have approval from your school principal or department head before sending this form to Community Development.

    Since the Office of Community Development maintains a tracking system for proposals submitted through this process, all grants applied for on behalf of the district should notify Community Development.  Periodic summaries of all submissions are reported to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees.


    The applicant will receive acknowledgment that the Intent to Submit a Grant form was received and the Competitive Grants Coordinator will offer and provide technical assistance by request.  Deadline information will be included also, if applicable.


    Applicant submits completed proposal to the Office of Community Development ten (10) days prior to grant funder deadline electronically, if the Superintendents signature is required, is a district-wide grant, or is funded on a reimbursement basis.  Smaller/cyber grants are submitted direct by the applicant.   ***Please make every effort to adhere to this timeline.


    Grant is forwarded to appropriate funding agency by Community Development on behalf of the District.  Smaller/cyber grants are the applicant’s responsibility to submit.


    Please inform the Office of Community Development upon receipt of grant award or rejection from the funding agency so that we may present an up-to-date report.  A Documentation of Grant Received form should be submitted to the Office of Community Development, if grant is awarded.


    The Office of Community Development will communicate with funding agency and assist with initial post-award steps:  Board approval (if applicable), in-district coordination, etc.

    Adherence to these guidelines can reduce duplication of proposals, increase the chances of getting funded, and inform appropriate district officials.