• Community Development LogoGrants Process in Humble ISD

    The Office of Community Engagement is available to assist Humble ISD staff and community volunteers with high quality support and assistance in all phases of the grant-seeking process. 

    We encourage all grant writers to read Humble ISD’s Grant Manual before beginning the grant writing process. The Humble ISD Grant Manual document will give you guidance on grant writing basics and tips on making your proposal a winning one. 

    In order to make this process smooth, please adhere to these basic guidelines as indicated in the following steps:




    Develop a well-rounded project or program plan. 

    Identify a possible funding source.
    Be sure to consider Wish List!

    Discuss your project with campus or department officials and obtain approval to apply.

    Plan should identify a problem or need with specific objectives and action items aimed a lessening or alleviating the need. Complete the Project Overview form to address requisite narrative areas of your project.

    Determine whether or not you meet all requirements for eligibility as specified in the application guidelines or announcement.

    Discuss how your project fits into the goals and objectives of your campus. Obtain approval from campus or deparment administrator. After you’ve received approval, complete the
    Intent to Submit a Grant form.



    Write a competitive and compelling proposal.

    Send completed proposal to the Office of Community Engagement.


    The Office of Community Engagement forwards grant to funding agency on behalf of the district.

    Use the Grant Manual and other resources provided by the Office of Community Engagement to guide your writing process. 

    Send ten (10) days prior to deadline. 
    If the Superintendent's signature is  required, is a district-wide grant, or is funded on a reimbursement basis, the required signatures will be obtained by the Office of Community Engagement.

     Note: Smaller/cyber grants are the applicant’s responsibility to submit.
    However, application must still be sent to the Office of Community Development 10 days prior to funder deadline for review.

    Post Award





    Inform the Office of Community Engagement upon receipt of grant award or rejection from the funding agency so that we may present an up-to-date report. 

    The Office of Community Engagement communicates with funding agency and assists with initial post-award steps: Board approval (if applicable),
    in-district coordination, etc.

     Share your progress with the Office of Community Engagement!
    We love to share funded grants on our social media and monthly newsletter.

    Documentation of Grant Received form should be submitted to the Office of Community Engagement, if grant is awarded.   Send updates to Melinna.Lopez@humbleisd.net 


































     Adherence to these guidelines can reduce duplication of proposals, increase the chances of getting funded, and inform appropriate district officials.

    The Office of Community Engagement maintains a tracking system for proposals submitted through this process. All grants applied for on behalf of the district should notify Community Engagement. Periodic summaries of all submissions are reported to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees.

    All forms needed for the grant process can be found here.