• Humble ISD is proud to offer a local scholarship option to pursue the Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) Business Fellowship.  REEP is a rigorous program focused on leadership development, business training, educational innovation and entrepreneurship. 


    Humble ISD Selection Criteria

    Candidates eligible for the Humble ISD scholarship option for the REEP Business Certificate must have a minimum of three (3) years campus administrative or central office experience.   The scholarship application process will consist of submission of resume, letters of recommendation, a questionnaire, and interviews.   

    A review panel will select the Humble ISD REEP scholarship cohort.  Once the cohort is selected, cohort members will then be reviewed by Rice University REEP Program staff.


    Rice University Selection Criteria

    The REEP selection process is holistic and takes into account several factors as evidenced by both the application and the in person interview.

    Your leadership potential is assessed by your management experience, both on the job and through extracurricular activities. Your resume, letters of recommendation from employers and/or professors, and your questionnaire responses should indicate your level of leadership skill.

    Your personal goals, work experience, and reasons for choosing the Jones Graduate School of Business are critical elements of your application, and should illustrate intangible factors, such as: Why are you pursuing a REEP Business Fellowship? How have you benefited from your academic, professional and personal opportunities? What qualities will you bring to the Jones Graduate School of Business, and what will you seek from us?

    Applicants must have: 

    • A master's degree from a regionally accredited college or university

    • Target of four to seven years of teaching or administrative experience (minimum of two years teaching experience)

    • Strong verbal and written communication skills

    • Proven track record of success with students

    • Demonstrated leadership


    Applying to the Program

    Required Application Items

    1. Complete questionnaire (9 questions) online

    2. Professional resume submitted online

    3. Two letters of recommendation mailed

    4. Official transcripts of all previous coursework mailed
      (Please request transcripts be sent directly to Rice University as soon as begin your application to avoid problems with the application process.)

    5. No application fee


    Submission of Application Items


    Before submitting items to Rice University, Humble ISD candidates will submit the questionnaire, resume and letters of recommendation to the Humble REEP selection committee. 


    Candidates will be interviewed by the Humble REEP selection committee to determine eligibility for scholarship into REEP.  Selected scholarship candidates will be submitted to Rice University.  At that time, the Rice selection process will begin.


     Humble ISD  Key Dates

    Humble ISD Scholarship Application opens      Aug 17      
    Information/presentation at Horizontal Team Meetings   Sept 11 & 13
    Applications due for Humble ISD ScholarshipSept 24

    Interviews with Humble ISD REEP Selection CommitteeOct 4, 5

    Humble REEP Scholarship DecisionsOct 19


    Rice University Key Dates

    Application DeadlineOct 29
    REEP Interviews                                                                       Sept 10-Nov 16
    Decision DateDec 14
    Applications for the Humble ISD scholarship are available to Humble ISD staff only. To apply for the Humble ISD REEP Business Fellowship pathway scholarship, please log in. (log in prompt is located in the upper right corner of district web pages.  After you log in to the district web site, you will see the Humble REEP Application line appear in the menu on the left.)