• Concussion Home Care Information

    1.      Please review the following items. If any of these problems develop, please call 911 or your family physician.

    One pupil is larger than the other                                        Convulsions of seizures    

    Drowsiness or cannot be awakened                                    Difficulty recognizing people or places

    A headache that gets increasingly worse                            Increasing confusion, restlessness, or agitation

    Repeated vomiting or nausea                                              Unusual behavior

    Slurred speech

    2.      Things that are OK to do:

    a)      Take acetaminophen (Tylenol)

    b)      Use ice packs on head or neck as needed for comfort

    c)      Eat a light diet

    d)      Observe for 2 hours before sleep

    e)      No strenuous activity or sports

    f)       Return to school

    3.      Things that should NOT be allowed:

    a.       Any pain medication other than acetaminophen

    b.      Eat spicy foods

    c.       Watch TV or play video games

    d.      Talking on the phone or texting

    e.       Listen to Ipod

    f.       Read

    g.       Use a computer

    h.      Bright lights

    i.        Loud noise

    4.      Things there is no need to do:

    a.       Check eyes with a flashlight

    b.      Wake up every hour

    c.       Test reflexes

    5.      Have the student athlete report to the athletic training room the next morning for a follow-up exam.