• There is no "i" in TEAM...


    What does this mean?

    On the court, these are things you should do specifically

    1. Team members are expected to be contributors

      together everyone achieves more...20% of the people do 80% of the work is NOT a team! cooperate for a common goal

      getting water, picking up balls, trash, going to get stray balls, putting forth your best efforts to win just one extra point

    2. Team members are expected to communicate honestly with one another

      be tactful but honest, everyone needs to develop thicker skin because constructive criticism is needed for improvement

      discussing who should take ad points, who should serve first, who takes volleys down the middle, who should take lobs, encourage keeping ball in play, hitting crosscourt

    4. Team members are expected to problem solve together

      figure out what's going wrong and how to try to fix the problem; think about what's happening and adapt to opponents

      hitting to backhand side, weaker opponent, keeping ball in play, coming in to the net to put pressure, lob over girl, hit with slice/spin, are they just flat out better?

    5. Team members are expected to be learners

      always seek to improve everyday, learn from each other, coaches, other teams, internet, magazines...

      ask yourself why and how it worked or did not work, ask others to help you figure out