• There are many options to you to obtain an instrument for your child to participate in their school band program!  You can out-right purchase an instrument, choose to rent the instrument with all funds applying to the purchase in a rental/purchase program or your child can play a school-owned instrument (limited number available and not all instruments are owned by the district). 


    We understand that the purchase of an instrument is a big investment, but tons of data are available to show that involvement in music study improves student test scores in all subject areas.  Involvement in extra-curricular activities helps your student to develop skills that will help them to juggle the core subject requirements with the other activities in their lives leading to a enjoyable school experience.


    Music is the universal language with its notation written in exactly the same manner, no matter what country of the world you see it.  Students that learn music feel "connected" to their counterparts around the world and develop a talent that they can carry through life - passing on to their own children.


    Music manufacturers are located in all parts of the world and getting a quality instrument for your child can be a tricky endeavor.  One basic rule to follow wherever you purchase an instrument is to make certain that the company can properly repair/maintain and provide parts for your instrument.  The company should have an "on site" repairman in the event your child's instrument is in need of work and should be a “local” company where you are not required to ship the instrument every time it needs work.  Waiting for shipment times can severely hinder your child in his/her development not having the horn for weeks at a time.


    An advantage to companies that offer a Rental/Purchase plan is that if your child does not like the instrument they chose, in some cases, exchanges can be made and in the worst case scenario - if band is just not for your child, the instrument can be returned with no additional cost to you.


    Many different models are available for each type of instrument.  While a significant investment for an instrument above the “student line models” is needed, if this decision is made you are providing your child with an instrument that will last (with proper care) from the first days of band to their college years.  With the commitment of obtaining an instrument for your child, you also provide opportunities for them to receive scholarships to attend universities by simply playing their instrument in college while pursuing a degree in another area.


    Ask yourself?  If you were able to provide your child a skill that could open doors to many professions as early as 6th grade, would that be a good investment?  Join us… jump on the BAND WAGON!