• Advanced Animal Science
    This course is part of the Animal Systems pathway in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems cluster of courses. This course is designed to provide students with effective laboratory and classroom activities related to livestock animals.  The focus will be on in-depth study of scientific principles in livestock production. 

    This course is 1 credit and is offered as a 4th year science credit alternative.  Livestock Production is a pre-requisite for this course.  This class is recommended for seniors.
    May 10, 2013
    Choose one of the diseases introduced yesterday in the TAHC presentation. 
    Create a MS Word newsletter (use a template if you can't design your own) and make the following topics "articles" in the newsletter.
    a. history of the disease
    b. zoonotic or not?
    c. symptoms
    d. treatment/prevention measures
    e. testing and monitoring information
    f. viral, bacterial, protozoan???
    This assignment is to be emailed to the instructor at traci.hendrix@humble.k12.tx.us 
    Study these notes for the test during the week of
    Reproduction Notes
    Feb. 6th, 2013: Animal Breeding and Reproduction
    1. Visit the following website.  Select one of the articles listed, and read it thoroughly. 
    2.  Open MS Word and create an outline of the facts identified in the article, along with breeding/reproduction terms you are not familiar with already.
    3.  Use the internet to find suitable definitions for the terms you typed in the word document (step 2).
    4.  Once this is complete, use the article and subsequent internet research to write a one page paper explaining the article you selected.  Do not forget to use APA citation for your article at the conclusion of your paper.  If you are not familiar with APA style you need to search it on the web.
    5.  Save the typed, Calibri 11 point font, double-spaced one page (or more) paper in your student drive.  Do NOT email it to the instructor please.
    Feb. 8th, 2013: Animal Breeding and Reproduction
    1. Visit the following website.  Read the publication by Texas A&M University titled "Breeding Systems for Beef Production."
    2. Create a power point that briefly explains the types of breeding systems available (1 slide each) and defining the following terms:
    inbreeding, linebreeding, outcrossing, crossbreeding, F1, F2, F3, heterosis,  continuous system, terminal system, composite, synthetic(4 slides combined). 
    You should have a title slide (name, class period), one slide for each breeding system and 4 slides (3 terms each) for the definitions.
    3. Save your power point in your student drive, do NOT email it to your teacher please.

    Please click here for Course Outline and Assignments
    1-30-13. Assignment: choose two careers you are interested in pursuing. They do not both have to be agriculturally related, one does but the other could be anything. Research the following information and organize it into a 5 slide power point. Use graphics, color, video, pictures and/or other enhancements to add detail and interest to the presentation but be sure to check for grammar and spelling. Do not copy/paste material.  This project is a summative grade due Friday 2-1-13.  

    1.  Make a cover slide with: Career Title, Your Name, Date
    2. Job description
    3. Training and/or Educational requirements
    4. School(s) offering the training (name, location, type) if applicable
    5. Average salary/wage and common benefits
    6. Interesting or odd job requirements
    7. Outlook for the job's future
    8. Job Posting (find a job posting for this career online and on the slide put the company name, location, pay-if provided, posting date, description)

    The following websites could be very helpful in your search:

    Save your work in your student drive, and I advise you to email a back up copy to yourself.