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    The Four Components of the Counseling Program:
    Helping all students develop basic life skills in the areas of self confidence, motivation to achieve, decision making, effectiveness, and responsible behavior.

    Responsive Services:
    With preventive and remedial interventions, the counselor works with student, parents, and other professionals to move students toward resolution of their problems.

    Individual Planning:
    Students are guided as they manage their educational and personal-social development.

    System Support:
    School counselors consult with teachers and administrators on behalf of students, parents, and staff.
    Counselors can help...
    * Students develop a better understanding and acceptance of themselves.
    * Students cope with family changes.
    * Students develop decision making and problem solving skills.
    * Students develop socially and emotionally to mature in their relationships with
    * Students understand themselves in relation to their own development.
    * Students develop organizational and study skills.
    * Students prepare for high school and college.
    * Parents understand their children's emotions, behaviors, and learning styles.