Cross Country Basics

  • The Summer Creek High School Girls’ Cross Country Team competes in races at the Varsity, Junior Varsity and Open levels. The makeup of the teams is based on the fastest run times. The girls running at each level will vary from week to week based on times, and the restrictions on the number of girls allowed to run at each level at a given meet.


    VARSITY TEAM RACE – 5K (3.1 Miles); sometimes 3 miles

    Only the 7 fastest runners from the school may run on Varsity. The varsity races are open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.


    The 8th through 14th fastest runners are on the junior varsity team. Junior Varsity races are only open to freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Seniors cannot race at the Junior Varsity level.

    OPEN RACE – 2 miles

    Any runner not making the Varsity or JV teams can race in the open race regardless of grade level.


    Some meets allow teams of 10 runners at the Varsity and JV levels. Larger meets may run gold and silver divisions at the varsity and junior varsity levels. When this happens, our varsity girls will run in the gold division and the JV girls will move up to varsity silver.


    Team scoring in varsity and JV races is based on the placement of the fastest 5 runners; the slowest 2 do not score points. In those races with 10 person teams, only the top 7 runners score points for the team. The team with the lowest combined score is the winner. If there are less than 5 runners from a school in a race, the runners compete only for the individual standings.


    Runners compete in various local meets ending the regular season at the district meet. After districts, those that qualify move on to regionals and finally to state.


    We are in District 22, Region III 6A. Our district consists of the 4 Humble ISD high schools and  5 Pasadena ISD high schools. 

    The top three Varsity teams move on to the regional meet. Additionally, the top 10 runners in the Varsity and JV races qualify for the “All District Team.” At the JV level this is an honorary designation.   At the Varsity level, making the “All District Team” qualifies the runner for the regional meet as an individual runner even if her team does not qualify.


    Region III consists of Districts 17-24. Qualifying teams and All District Team runners from each district compete in the Regional meet. The top three teams move on to the state meet. The top 10 runners qualify for the “All Region Team” and automatically qualify for the state meet.


    The State meet includes the best runners from every high school in Texas. There are awards for the top 3 teams. In addition, the top 15 runners qualify for the “All State Team”.