• Hello, my most AMAZING ARTISTS! 

    WOW! Where has the time gone, we are already to mid-September! You all are working so hard and I can see it in your artwork!  Keep up the amazing work! 

    If you have a any kind of question or a concern, please let me know. I am on this learning adventure with you and I am here to help and work with you and your student so they can expand their creative thinking and problem solving skills all while enjoying the artistic process. You can contact me via email heather.burdette@humbleisd.net or phone 281-641-1973.  Please know I am trying to balance both teaching face to face and virtual instruction but I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

    FACE to FACE students:

    Quick reminder, since we are not sharing common supplies, you will need to bring your Art Tool Kit to Art class. Your tool kit should include: PENCIL, ERASER, SCISSORS, GLUE, a SHARPIE or a similar black permenent marker, and something to color with CRAYONS or MARKERS and for 3rd-5th only COLORED PENCILS. NOTE: most of these things were part of your back to school supply list/EPI pack.  Also, please make sure that you have connected with Art class via your learning platform Third, Fourth and Fifth should have joined your art google classroom.  First and Second graders should have connected with your Seesaw Art class  Information on how to connect to your ART Seesaw class or Art Google Classroom was sent out by your classroom teacher on August 17

    REMOTE LEARNING students:

    Keep the uploading your artwork. It is looking amazing!  If you are having problems uploading images of your artwork please let me know. You can contact me via email heather.burdette@humbleisd.net or phone 281-641-1973. Your next art lesson will be posted on your learning platform on September 18 (1st & 2nd grade in Seesaw, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade in Google Classroom. Kindergardeners will recieve a lesson via thier classroom teacher) 


    Check out the first ever digital GATOR GALLERY feature online Gator Artists amazing artwork from September

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    Listed below are suggested art supplies that you MIGHT look into having in a special art making spot at home.   Please know if you have these or similar supplies at home, there is no need to purchase new. NOTE: Many of the items below were part of your back to school supply list/EPI pack. (Click here for printable supply shopping list.)  For those of you who perfer to shop online I have tried to add links to Amazon for the supplies below, but supplies can be purchased anywhere. Please gather what you can from the SUGGESTED basic art supply list below and what you can not get or do not have use your creativity to find similar materals at home to create your art with. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Pencils  - any pencil will do but Ticonderoga is a trusted brand for their quality and durability.
    White drawing paper: any whote paper preferably without lines, a drawing pad, photocopy paper, a bound sketchbook, computer paper
    Pencil sharpener: This is good for sharpening regular pencils and colored pencils
    Eraser: any eraser will do but Paper Mate - Pink Pearl is latex free and do not leave pink makes on the paper
    Black permanent marker:  Sharpie brand works the best. These are used for outlining. Outlining helps with fine motor skills and makes the lines in children's' art more noticeable, as they often draw softly and their lines tend to fade away under marker and paint.
    Colored construction paper: 9x12 assorted colors, any brand works
    Crayons: Crayola crayons 24 or 32 count is what is used in the art room
    Markers: Crayola Broad Tip 10 count are an economical option with good quality. 
    Liquid glue: Liquid glue holds things together better than a glue stick. Elmer's brand is what we use in the art room. A glue stick will work.
    Scissors: Any band will work. Please make sure they fit your student's hand. Larger scissors are harder for younger students to cut with. 

    OPTIONAL but would be nice to have:
    Watercolor set: set of 8 oval pan watercolors prang or crayola are recommended. These sets should come with a paintbrush
    Colored pencils: (grades 3-5 only) Colored pencils come in various qualities and prices. Any variety will work. Crayola 12 ct. colored pencils are economical option with a good quality.