ASE Rainy Day Dismissal Policy

    If it is raining (light or heavy), thundering/lightning, we will make the decision for a rainy day dismissal around 3:00.  If a rainy day dismissal is decided, we will post it on our website. This means that all students (bikers and walkers included) will report to the gym.  Car riders will be dismissed first. After car riders are dismissed, any bikers or walkers that are remaining will be dismissed if the rain/thunder/lightning has subsided.  Bikers and walkers may be home 45 minutes later than their usual arrival time since car riders are dismissed first.  Buses and daycare are dismissed as usual.

    Please Note:

    An email and text message will be sent after the website posting. Emails/text messages may take up to 30 minutes to go through due to the large volume of district usage if many schools are having rainy day dismissal.  The best route is to check the website.