• Choir FAQ's

    1) How do I join Choir?
    You can sign up for Choir with your counselor.  All students who are new to Choir will be placed in the beginner/intermediate choirs.  If you wish to audition to be in an upper level Choir, you may contact me to schedule an audition.  Auditions will need to be held within the first week of school if you are a transfer student or in April if you are currently a student.  Fill out this form.
    If you are moving to Summer Creek during the middle of the school year, please let the counselors know that you would like to request an audition.  They will contact me so that we can schedule an appointment.
    Previous singing experience and music reading ability is helpful, but not required to be in Choir.  Students will be placed into the Choir that best matches their level of skills (singing skills and music reading skills).
    2) What kinds of things do you do in Choir?
    We sing!  Throughout the year, we prepare for various concerts.  Students are expected to perform at those concerts.  We sing 4 major concerts a year: Fall Concert (standard choral literature), Christmas Concert (holiday music), UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest (standard choral literature for competition), and Encore! (spring show with a variety of musical styles).
    A typical class rehearsal looks like:
      - Warm-up and work on vocal technique (5-10 minutes)
      - Sightread (5-10 minutes)
      - Rehearse music for upcoming concert (rest of the time)
      - Have fun singing great music with friends (all of the time!)
    3) What kind of people are in Choir?
    All kinds of people!  We have students from all different backgrounds and "cliques".  The great thing about Choir is that while we are there, our differences don't mean anything. Instead, we enjoy and appreciate each others' talent and contribution to the group.  We have students in all different organizations: Student Council, Honor Society, ROTC, FFA, Anime Club, Key Club, etc. We also have all kinds of athletes: football, basketball, softball, volleyball, track and soccer.  Along with these, we have students who are in the top of their class!
    4) What if I can't fit it into my schedule?
    Where there is a will, there is a way.  Sometimes it takes a little maneuvering, but most students can be in Choir for four years, and all students can fit it in at least one year!  We encourage students to be in Choir in their freshman year.  That way, if they enjoy it, they can continue.  However, all students are welcome to join Choir at any point in their high school career. 
    If you are having trouble staying in Choir, the key is to plan everything out.  Try not to fall into the trap of trying to get every required credit out of the way in the first two years.  Enjoy your high school years by being in Choir and making awesome friends and memories!
    5) How do I know what voice part I sing?
    We will place you in a part that is suitable for your voice.  The higher voice parts are Soprano (women) and Tenor (men).  The lower voice parts are Alto (women) and Bass (men).
    6) What are the different choirs?
    Currently, we have 6 Choir Classes:
    • Vox Fortis - Beginner and Intermediate Men 9-12th grades (no audition required)
    • Treble Choir - Beginner Women 9th-12th grades (no audition required)
    • Bella Vox - 9th grade Women's Intermediate Choir (MS Choir Director recommendation/audition required)
    • Cantabile - Women's Intermediate Choir 9-12th grades (audition required)
    • Chorale - Mixed Varsity Choir 10-12th grades (audition required)
    • Colla Voce - Mixed Choir singing vocal jazz, and popular music.  10-12th grades (audition required). All students in this Choir must also be enrolled in Chorale.  This choir also sings in the community for various events and is featured in their annual show, Cabaret. More info about Colla Voce