• Join the Summer Creek Choir!

    If you love to sing you should join the Summer Creek Choir!  While knowing how to read music and having past vocal experience is helpful, it is not a requirement.  Students will be taught what they need to know to be successful.
    The only prerequisite to be in Choir is a love of singing, being open to learning healthy vocal technique, being open to singing all different styles of music, and a great attitude! As you know:
    Attitude is Everything!
    Just as athletes have to work on strength and conditioning as well as techniques that can be used in games, vocalists have to work on their technique so that it can be used in concerts and competitions.  At the beginning of every class period, we work to develop and strengthen our voices (5-10 minutes).  Then we work on developing our ability to sightread (5-10 minutes).  Sightreading allows us to learn music more quickly and accurately.  For the rest of the class, we work on learning music for the upcoming concert.
    Check out our Choir FAQ's for more information!
    Graduation Plan showing how to fit Choir into your schedule all 4 years with any endorsement!
    Why Choir?

    Check out our homepage where we have links to our social media and YouTube with some recordings.  We can't post our most popular shows though (Cabaret & Encore) due to copyright issues.