Social Studies Content Principal 

    Mrs. Mian Bryant


    Academic Lead Teachers (ALT)

    Ms. Hayley Hueske


    World Geography

    Wil Perro

    Luke Cowen

    Julia Jones

    Jose Trevino


    AP Human Geography 

    Neal Howard

    Wil Perro


    World History

    Jacob Castillo

    Ryan Croy

    JD Jordan


    AP World History

    Jack Griffith

    Nathan Wooley


    United States History

    Leah Cessna

    Jack Griffith

    Francis Janoy Roberson

    Vanessa Vasquez

    Justin Anders


    AP/Dual U.S. History

    Justin Anders

    Andrew McCorkle

    Alan Prather


    Twelfth Grade Courses: Government/Economics

    Stephanie Arnett (AP Government & AP Economics)

    Jeremy Justice

    JD Jordan

    Nathan Aguilar


    Elective Courses

    Leah Cessna (African American Studies)
    Andrew McCorkle (Mexican American Studies)

    Janoy Roberson (AP Psychology & African American Studies)

    Alan Prather (AP European History)

    Julia Jones (Psychology & Sociology) 






    Social Studies   
    U.S. History Resources of STAAR Tutorials
    U.S. History STAAR Tutorial HyperDocs
    Step 1: Click on the link. You will be prompted will  to make a copy. This allows your student to have their own copy that they can make adjustments too. 
    Step 2: Once in the hyperdoc click present(top right of screen).
    Step 3: You can click on any picture to gain information on the topic.
    Step 4: If you want to complete an assessment on what you learned click the topic boxes and you will be taken to an assignment.
    These Hyperdocs will give you/your student the opportunity to review at home. 
    TEKS: 3B (Gilded Age Economic Issues)
    TEKS:3A (Gilded Age Political Issues)
    TEKS: 3C (Gilded Age Social Issues)
    TEKS: 6A  (1920s Causes/Effects of Social Issues)
    TEKS: 7d  (Major Issues of World War II)
    TEKS: 4a (Rise of Power Events and Polices)
    TEKS: 4c (Causes of World War I)
    TEKS: 8a (Cold War- US response)
    TEKS: 8f (Vietnam War- domestic US response) 
    TEKS: 4f (World War I Issues)
    TEKS: 5a (Progressive Era Reforms)
    TEKS: 9a (Civil Rights Development)
    TEKS: 9f (Civil Rights Poltiical Actions)
    TEKS: 7a (Causes of World War II)
    TEKS: 7g (World War II Homefront)
    TEKS: 9h (Civil Rights Changes)
    As you/your student is working on the Hyperdoc(s), if you have any questions. Tutorials are available in 1108 (Ms. Hueske's room) on Tuesday/Thursday from 2-3. 
    Here is some STAAR extra help: 
    TEKS 3b, 16d https://goo.gl/HhBhpu
    TEKS 4c 4f 15d https://goo.gl/ruYQDV
    TEKS 19a 19B 19c goo.gl/1ajeGq