Social Studies Content Principal 

    Ms. Sonya Hicks


    Academic Lead Teachers (ALT)

    Ms. Hayley Hueske


    World Geography

    Julia Jones

    Joey Casto

    Christopher Jones

    Jose Trevino


    AP Human Geography 

    Lourdes Santiago-Castro

    Samuel Huston


    World History

    Jacob Castillo

    Ryan Croy

    Josh Thomas

    Rodney Lemons


    AP World History

    Andrew McCorkle

    Nathan Wooley


    United States History

    Jack Griffith

    Vanessa Vasquez

    Kendal Davis


    AP/Dual U.S. History

    Justin Anders

    Andrew McCorkle

    Alan Prather


    Twelfth Grade Courses: Government/Economics

    Stephanie Lopez (AP Gov. & Gov)

    Jeremy Justice (Economics)

    Kaley Broderick (Gov. & Eco.)

    Clifford Gantt (Government)

    Samuel Huston (AP Eco. & Eco)

    Justin Anders (Gov/Eco)


    Elective Courses

    Andrew McCorkle (Mexican American Studies & Humanities)

    Janoy Roberson (AP Psychology & African American Studies)

    Alan Prather (AP European History)

    Rodney Lemons (African American Studies, Psychology, & Sociology) 






    Social Studies   
    U.S. History Resources of STAAR Tutorials
    U.S. History STAAR Tutorial HyperDocs
    Step 1: Click on the link. You will be prompted will  to make a copy. This allows your student to have their own copy that they can make adjustments too. 
    Step 2: Once in the hyperdoc click present(top right of screen).
    Step 3: You can click on any picture to gain information on the topic.
    Step 4: If you want to complete an assessment on what you learned click the topic boxes and you will be taken to an assignment.
    These Hyperdocs will give you/your student the opportunity to review at home. 
    TEKS: 3B (Gilded Age Economic Issues)
    TEKS:3A (Gilded Age Political Issues)
    TEKS: 3C (Gilded Age Social Issues)
    TEKS: 6A  (1920s Causes/Effects of Social Issues)
    TEKS: 7d  (Major Issues of World War II)
    TEKS: 4a (Rise of Power Events and Polices)
    TEKS: 4c (Causes of World War I)
    TEKS: 8a (Cold War- US response)
    TEKS: 8f (Vietnam War- domestic US response) 
    TEKS: 4f (World War I Issues)
    TEKS: 5a (Progressive Era Reforms)
    TEKS: 9a (Civil Rights Development)
    TEKS: 9f (Civil Rights Poltiical Actions)
    TEKS: 7a (Causes of World War II)
    TEKS: 7g (World War II Homefront)
    TEKS: 9h (Civil Rights Changes)
    As you/your student is working on the Hyperdoc(s), if you have any questions. Tutorials are available in 1108 (Ms. Hueske's room) on Tuesday/Thursday from 2-3. 
    Here is some STAAR extra help: 
    TEKS 3b, 16d https://goo.gl/HhBhpu
    TEKS 4c 4f 15d https://goo.gl/ruYQDV
    TEKS 19a 19B 19c goo.gl/1ajeGq