• Eagle Student News
    Sponsor: Kasey Davis

    Description:  Daily news program providing school announcements.

    Who can participate:  Eagle Student News is made up of  18 5th grade students.

    How do I sign my student up: Interested students will fill out a permission form and try out for News Crew in September.  Students are judged on on-air personality, articulation, speed, volume and fluency.  Teacher input is also considered. 

    Requirements:  Students must receive passing grades in all subjects, have an E or S in conduct and be able to arrive at school no later than 7:30 on their assigned weeks.  Students will be responsible for writing a script, recording and editing the daily news program.

    When does News Crew meet:  News Crew meets from 7:30-7:50am every day. Students will be placed in 3 groups of 6 and will rotate weeks (1 week on 2 weeks off...).