Checking Out Procedures

  • Students will only be released to those on the student's contact list.
    If you need to check your student out of school, please follow the steps below and keep in mind that your student will receive an absence for the missed classes. It will be an excused absence, but an absence non-the-less for credit/exemption purposes, UNLESS the student left school or arrived late due to a doctor's appointment:
    • parent/guardian contact will need to be made, accepted forms of contact are via email to attendance personnel or in-person at attendance office
    • verification of guardian will need to be established via picture ID, if using email - must be sent using email listed on student's file
    • parent/student will then fill out the sign-out sheet located withi the attendance office
      • students who drive themselves: parents must email attendace personnel to give consent for student to sign out, student will then be given a check-out pass to allow them to leave their classroom to come down to the attendance office to OFFICIALLY sign-out. Failure to follow procedure will result in the inability to correct or adjust attendance to code the absence as a Doctor Visit (DV). Documentation of time student left/arrived campus must be provided via our attendance sign in/out office log. 


    It can take up to 10 minutes or more at times (depending on number of parents checking out students) to release/call a student out of class. 

    If student is in an atlhetics class at time of pick-up, it can take longer since students in those classes tend to be out on a field most of the time. You may want to arrange to pick-up the student shortly before he/she is scheduled to be in their athletics class.