Preparing For The Future

    Some things to consider when planning your child's future are paying for college, finding scholarships and how to transition from high school to college.  Read more below to see how these issues could affect you and your family.  Then consider how Quest ECHS could be the answer to some of these problems.  Also, find information about the college placement exam that is required for students after being accepted to Quest ECHS. 
    Paying for College
    Researching college costs will prove quickly that a post-secondary education can be expensive.  Early college high school can save your family thousands of dollars.  Not only will you save money by earning free college credit while in high school, but you will also have a tremendous opportunity for the chance at millions of dollars in scholarships for your education beyond early college high school. 
    Scholarship Websites
    Students are encouraged to take advantage of websites that provide scholarship information, but should never pay for the scholarship search service. The following are FREE sites!
    Paving the Way to College
    The transition from high school to college can be difficult.  One goal of early college high schools is to smooth that transition by providing early college high school students the opportunity to experience college while still in high school.  They are slowly introduced to a college atmosphere, which helps to familiarize them with college while still receiving support from their high school.  Visit the links below to see some of the differences a student could face when going from high school to college.
    Transition from High School - Finding the Perfect Fit: A college sizing guide - UniversityParent
    College Placement Exam
    Students who are accepted to Quest ECHS will be required to take a college entrance exam.  For more information about college placement tests, follow the link.
    TSI - entrance exam taken by Quest students - practice for college entrance exams