• Tips for successful scholarship applications 

    Number One:  Follow instructions very carefully and submit well before the deadline. 

    Number Two:  Do your research; use the links below to learn everything you can about the scholarship and the sponsors.


    Special Notes

    Transcripts:   Request official transcripts from the registrar's office; allow the minimum of 2 weeks for processing.  Transcripts for out of state and private colleges must be mailed and can take 3-5 days to get through the postage process.

    Letters of Recommendation:  Ask early for your letter. Provide your resume or more information about yourself and instructions for the letter. If the letter of recommendation is to be sent directly, then provide an addressed envelope and stamp.

    Transferring Credits: The Texas Common Course Numbering System has hundreds of Texas colleges/universities to see how many of your credits will transfer from high school to your specific college. Website: http://www.tccns.org/matrix.aspx 

    Free Scholarship Searches
    Are you the child/ grandchild of a Veteran? If so there may be funds available for your education! Please visit http://tvc.texas.gov/Hazlewood-Act.aspx  for more information. 
     Varsity Tutors Scholarship Contest 

    Varsity Tutors holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students must write an essay in response to a monthly prompt. Visitors to the Varsity Tutors scholarship webpage are able to vote via social media for submitted entries. The top five entries with the most votes are reviewed by Varsity Tutors at the end of the month and one winner is subsequently chosen to receive the $1,000 college scholarship. Interested students can enter the contest here: http://www.varsitytutors.com/college-scholarship


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     Multiple deadlines and scholarships available  Multiple Amounts 
    Scholarship And Financial Aid for Minorities
    Minority students who receive federal grants and loans to help finance their college educations often could use some additional funding to help them bridge financial gaps. Scholarships for minorities are of tremendous help to these students, but finding the right scholarships to apply to is not always an easy task. To help you in your search for additional funding, we have compiled a list of some of the top minority scholarships. Read on to find a detailed list of these scholarships, including eligibility requirements, deadlines, and information on how to apply.

    Click HERE for more information

    There are several 

    11/06/17 $2,500

     Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship for learning disabled students
    Senior. Must have a diagnosis of LD or ADHD, or a 504 plan. U.S. citizen.

    For more information please click HERE

     10/31/17  $2,000

     Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

    All grades can apply, as long as you are older than 13 years old.

    For more information please click HERE
    10/31/17  $20,000 

     Achievement/grades based scholarship for high school seniors. Must have made a significant impact on your school and in your community.

    For more info please click HERE 
    11/01/17   $40,000 (20 awards)

     Ron Brown Scholar Program
     Black/African American high school seniors only. Must excel academically, with exceptional leadership skills. Have already made an impact on your community with your volunteer work

    For more information please click HERE 
    11/06/17  $2,500  Anne Ford Scholarship for learning disabled or ADHD
    Senior who has a diagnosis of LD and/or ADHD who will attend a 4-year University for a bachelors degree 

    For more information please click HERE 

    If you are unsure if you qualify for this opportunity, please see Mrs. Clurksy in 3100 suite.

    12/31/2017 10,000

    Free Speech Essay Contest

    High School juniors and seniors for the 17/18 school year are eligible to participate in FIRE'S essay contest. 

    For more information please click HERE

     4/13/2018  $1,000 renewable

     Italian Cultural Scholarship 
    The ICCC awards annual $1,000 renewable scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are of Italian descent, to any degree on either side of parentage and who submit complete applications by the specified deadline. Recipients are chosen by the Scholarship Committee based on scholarship, leadership, and financial need. It is a great honor to receive a scholarship which is applied to the student’s college tuition ($500 in the Fall and $500 in the Spring).

    For more information please click  HERE
    Multiple deadlines
     and scholarship available
     Multiple amounts
    Nursing Scholarships
    If you are interested in becoming a nurse and need some additional funds to pursue this chosen career then this might be the perfect website. Please visit our site for multiple scholarships and grants.
     Runs continuously  $5,000
     Answer common knowledge quizzes
     Runs monthly  $2,000
     Open to all students and those planning on enrolling within 12 months
     http://colleges.niche.com/scholarship/ apply.aspx
     Runs Monthly  $1,000  Students write an essay in response to a monthly prompt.


     Multiple Deadlines  $1,000 Graduating seniors of Italian descent. Renewable scholarships available   http://www.iccchouston.com/scholarships/apply/ 
    Varying deadlines  Varies  Must be accepted to one of the affiliated colleges. For more information please visit the website.  http://www.terryfoundation.org/Public/new-site-2016/future-scholars/freshman-scholarship 
    Varying deadlines  $12,000  Must be a National Merit Finalist to be considered and plan to attend Cornerstone University  http://www.cornerstone.edu/admissions/undergraduate-admissions/financial-aid/scholarships-grants/
    Varying deadlines  Varies  For U of H Students only   http://www.uh.edu/financial/undergraduate/types-aid/scholarships/index.php
     Varying deadlines Varies  For Texas A&M Students only  http://www.tamu.edu/admissions/index.html#scholarships 
    Varying deadlines  Varies  For Baylor Students only  http://www.baylor.edu/sfs/index.php?id=86505 
    Varying deadlines  Varies  For SHSU Students only  http://shsu.academicworks.com/
    Varying deadlines  Varies  For Texas Tech Students only  http://www.depts.ttu.edu/financialaid/ 
    Varying deadlines  Varies  For UT Students only  http://www.admissions.utexas.edu/afford/undergrad-scholarships 
    Varying deadlines  Varies  For HBU Students only  http://www.hbu.edu/the-graduate-school/graduate-school-scholarships/maa-merit-scholarship-application/ 
     Runs monthly  $1,000  University Tutor holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students write a short essay in response to a monthly prompt. The submitted essays are reviewed by University Tutor staff at the end of the month and one winner is chosen to receive the $1,000 college scholarship.  http://www.universitytutor.com/scholarship-contest
    For Humble ISD scholarships please visit https://www.humbleisd.net/Page/68869
    Free Scholarship Websites:
    **Below is a list of websites with varies of scholarship opportunities. On each website, you will make the profile, answer questions and the website will pull up scholarships that are specific to you.



    Scholarships with varying deadlines






    varying deadline

    University of Houston Scholarships


    Must be a senior; applying to University of Houston

    Apply online @ http://www.mycougarconnection.com/cholarships

    Varying deadline

    Sam Houston State University


    Must be a senior; applying to Sam Houston State University


    Varying deadline

    Stephen F. Austin University


    Must be a senior; applying to Stephen F. Austin University


    Varying deadline

    Lone Star College-Kingwood


    Must be a senior; applying to Lone Star College-Kingwood


    varying deadline

    NROTC Scholarship

    Full Tuition, books, fees, uniforms, and stipend

    Must be a U.S. citizen; at least 17 years of age; must submit ACT/SAT scores; apply for the NAVY or Nurse  Corps                

    Please e-mail officer Jose Penaloza @ jose.penaloza@navy.mil for further details or go to  www.nrotc.navy.mil/

    Varying deadline

    Wal Mart Foundation Scholarship Programs

    $3,000- $13,000

    Must be a graduating senior

    Apply online @ 

    varying deadlines

    Scholarship Directory for African American Students ONLY

    various amounts awarded

    This is a wonderful resource book with hundreds of Scholarships listed; 
    African American students ONLY


    varying deadlines

    Scholarship Directory for Latino Students Only

    various amounts awarded

    A fabulous book with hundreds of scholarships listed; Latino students ONL


    varying deadlines

    Tribal College Scholarship Program

    various amounts awarded

    American Indian students only; There are many scholarship programs offered under the Tribal College program

    For more information please visithttp://www.collegefund.org/scholarships/main.html

    varying deadline

    "Everyone Can Afford Duke" new free tuition program

    FREE tuition

    Must apply to Duke University; Families with incomes of $60,000/yr or less no longer have to contribute financially to their child's education

    Apply online @


    varying deadline

    Cornell University Sweeping new financial aid initiatives

    FREE tuition

    Must apply to Cornell University; family must earn less than $75,000 per year

    Apply online @


    varying deadline

    Wellesley Woman's College

    FREE tuition

    Must show financial need with a family income under $60,000

    Apply online @


    varying deadline

    Harvard University " The ZERO to 10% standard program

    FREE tuition

    Must apply to Harvard University; families with a yearly income of $60,000 and below are eligible.


    Apply online @




    varying deadline

    Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC)

    Up to $180,000

    Immediate selection reservation- Graduate in the top 20% of class; SAT score of 1250 M & CR combined;

    Apply online @


    varying deadlines

    SAE Engineering Scholarships

    various amounts awarded

    Seniors pursuing a career in engineering.

    For more information please visithttp://students.sae.org/awdscholar/scholarships/

    varying deadlines

    College Assistance Migrant Program

    various amounts awarded

    Student must be a senior; Migrant or Seasonal Farm working background; US citizen or permanent legal resident; seeking 4 yr degree at CAMP campus.

    Please apply online @ http://www2.ed.gov/programs/camp/index.html

    varying deadlines

    Sallie Mae

    various amounts awarded

    Scholarship database containing over 1 million scholarships.

    For more information please visit

     Types of scholarships - Sallie Mae Free   Scholarship Search

    varying deadline

    American Public Health Association Get ready Scholarship


    Current high school senior with an understanding of emergency preparedness.

    Please apply online http://www.getreadyforflu.org/scholarship.htm 

    Special Circumstance Scholarships



    Basis of Eligibility

    Potential Value

    How to Apply

    Adopted Students

    Status as adopted child of parents who participated in an adoption assistance program under Texas family Code:162

    Tuition and Fees

    Contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/) or the Admissions Office at your college or university.

    Foster Care Students

    Documentation from the Dept. of Family and Protective Services of placement in the care of conservatorship of the TX Dept. of Family and Protective Services prior to age 18, through the day of high school graduation. Must enroll in Texas college or university within 3 yrs of graduation, but no later than age 21.

    Tuition and Fees

    Contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/) or the Admissions office at your college or university.

    Children of Disabled or Deceased Fireman, Peace Officers, Game Wardens and Employees of Correctional Facilities

    Status a child of a parent who was disabled or died in the line of duty

    Tuition and Fees for the first 120 undergraduate credit hours or until age 26, whichever comes first.

    Contact the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board at 512-427-6344 or 800-242-3062 ext 6344 or email grantinfo@thecb.state.tx.us

    Children of certain TANF Recipients

    Status as a dependent child of parents who received TANF benefits on your behalf for 6 months of your senior year.  Enrolled in Texas college or university within 2 yrs of graduation before age 22.

    Tuition and Fees for 1-year

    Contact the Admissions Office at your college or university