• All members of Sconzo High School community operate under two basic community expectations which will help make each person successful at Sconzo:

    • Respect self and others in word and deed.
    • Help develop a clean and safe environment. 

    All behaviors and actions will be analyzed within the context of these two expectations and the degree to which the behavior contributes or does not contribute to the person's success at Sconzo. 

    When an action has taken place that does not meet these expectations and does not contribute to success at Sconzo, the following steps will be taken: 

    1. Identify: Identify and describe the specific behavior which is a problem.  All people who are immediately affected by the behavior should agree on what specifically is at issue. 
    2. Analyze:  Analyze he behavior using the Success Code (How does this behavior contribute to your success at Sconzo?  How does the behavior reflect the two community expectations?).
    3. List skills:  What skills are needed to prevent this behavior from happening again?  Do you have those skills or should they be taught?
    4. Experience consequences: What are the consequences that should happen as a result of this behavior?
    5. Make restitution:  Who was hurt as a result of this behavior?  How can you make restitution to him, her, or them?