The Kingwood Park High School Silver Star Dance Team was established in Spring 2007 with twenty four young ladies. The Silver Stars were founded by Cyndi Vaughn who is currently the director and Mr. Larry Cooper who is currently the Kingwood Park High School Principal. The dance team members perform at pep rallies, football games, basketball games, dance competitions, and other special engagements.  Silver Stars are expected to be role models, exhibit good academic skills and maintain high moral standards.
    2007-2008 Charter Team
    No Officers
    21 Dance Members & 1 Manager
    2008-2009  2nd Year
    Military Officers
    : Captain Hannah Cousins, Captain Kirsten Hartman & Captain Victoria McLeish.
    Social Officers:  Emeral Allen, Kelli Blayney, Melanie Hooper, Jordan Stafford & Emily Thomasson.
    Company Names:  Kickin Koalas, Sassy Zebras, "Chin Chillas" 
    Silver Star Studs: Michael "Larry" Sullivan, Calvin Stamper, Keith Tarloff. 
    42 Dance Members & 4 Managers
    2009-2010 3rd Year
    Military Officers:  Colonel Kirsten Hartman, Captain Brittnee Hayes, Captain Kassity LaBure, Captain Ruth Lee.
    Social Officers:  President Emerald Allen, Vice President Jordan Stafford, Secretary Haley Elsenbrock, Historian Kendall Holderread.
    Managers:  Jessica Wright & Kaylee Guy
    Silver Star Studs:  Jonathan Matthews, Ethan Peterson, Kyle Flottman
    33 Members 
    2010-2011 4th Year
    Military Officers:  Colonel Ruth Lee, Lt. Colonel Brittnee Hayes, Captain Jasmin Deatherage, Captain Megan Little.
    Social Officers:  President Haley Elsenbrock, 1st Vice-President Hannah Smothers, 2nd Vice President Samee Sisk, Secretary Lauren Martin and Historian Erika Kinkead.
    Silver Star Studs:  Ethan Peterson, Kyle Flottman, Riley Cooper
    33 Members 
    2011-2012 5th Year
    Military Officers:  Colonel Megan Little, Captain Lauren Martin, Captain Tawny Mertins, Captain Mia Sepulveda.
    Social Officers:  Spirit Vice President Courtney Beatty, Social Vice President Ashley Prowell, Historian Sierra Cano, Secretary Morgan Boyles, Spirit Chair Claudia Saavedra.
    Silver Star Studs:  Michael Marucci, JT Bounds, Casey Richardson
    35 members.


    2012-2013 6th Year
    Military Officers:  Colonel Mia Sepulveda, Captain Chelsea Hyland, Captain Taylor Isaacks, Captain Hannah Marucci, Captain Sydney Miller, and Captain Jeanne Marie Truglio.
    Social Officers:  President Ashley Prowell, Vice President Tori Trease, Secretary Morgan Boyles, Spirt Chair Karla Disevo, and Historian Kylie Combs-Hanner.
    42 Dancers

    2013-2014 7th Year

    Military Officers:  Colonel Sydney Miller, Lt. Colonel Hannah Marucci, Captain Erika Davies  and Captain Lexie Richardson.
    Social Officers:  President Tori Trease, Vice President Karla Disevo, Spirit Chair Mallory Roberson, and Historian Lexie Yohn.
    46 Dancers
     2014-2015 8th Year
    Military Officers:  Colonel Lexie Richardson, Lt. Colonel Erika Davies, Captain Bailey Ferguson, Avery Jones and Logan Lancaster.
    Social Officers:  President Lexie Yohn, Vice President Brenna Embrey, Spirit Chair Mallory Roberson, Historian Kaitlyn Herring, Secretary Shelby Schoettlin and Treasurer Allee Bales.
    34 Dancers
    2015-2016 9th Year
     Military Officers:  Colonel Bailey Ferguson, Lt. Colonel Avery Jones and Lt. Colonel Logan Lancaster, Captain Gracie Crawford, Victoria Soderman, Reagan Graves and Courtney Knight.
    Social Officers:  President Shelby Schoettlin, Vice President Allee Bales, Spirit Chair Megan Carswell, Secretary Carlee Sparks and Academic Chair Alyssa Knapschaefer.
    42 Dancers
    2016-2017 10TH YEAR!
    Military Officers: Colonel Reagan Graves, Lt. Colonel Courtney Knight, Major Moira Greff, Captain Alyssa Knapschaefer & Captain Silver Houwari.
    Social Officers: President Megan Carswell, Vice President Ashley Torres & Spirit Chair Holly Elliott.
    38 Team Members
    2017-2018 11th Year
    Military Officers: Colonel Kylie Belville, Captain Jayla Deatherage, Captin Madi Reither, Captain Hannah Richardson & Captain Aryana White.
    Social Officers: President Emily Wilburn, Vice President Holly Elliott, Vice President Jenny Leith, Spirit Chaiman Amanda Barron 
    38 Members
    2018-2019 12th Year
    Military Officers: Colonel Hannah Richardson, Lt. Coloenl Aryana White, Majors Jayla Deatehrage & Madi Reither, Captain Kyra Ivy, Captain Kaitlyn Wells, Captain Georgia Zeleskey
    Social Officers:  President Amanda Barron, Vice President Macy Simko, Historian Gabriella Mazzapica, Spirit Chair Tanna Leeds & Secretary Katherine Holder
    44 Members
    ADDITION of our Assistant Director Kate Austin
    2019-2020 13th Year
    Military Officers:  Colonel Georgia Zeleskey, Lt. Colonel Kyra Ivy, Major Kaitlyn Wells. Senior Captain Jocelyn Canas & Captain Cami Schoettlin.
    Social Officers:  President Katherine Holder, Vice President Gabriella Mazzapica & Tanna Leeds. Historian Hannah Boss & Secretary Nyah Pierrot.
    36 Members
    ADDITION of our 1st JV Team with 17 members under the Direction of Mrs. Austin
    2020-2021 14th Year
    Military Officers:  Colonel Cami Schoettlin, Lt. Colonel Victoria Golden, Major Charlee Poulin, Captain Kaitlyn Gonzalez & Captain Taylor Wall.
    Social Officers:  President Hannah Boss, Vice President Nyah Pierrot & Elena Ivoyne, Spirit Chair Alayjai Green, Historian Daniela Lugo-Castro & Social Media Coordinator Danae Montes.
    Parlaimentarians:  Cali Burningham & Maria Landy-Garcia
    28 Members on Varsity
    JV Team with 10 members
    2021-2022 15th ANNIVERSARY YEAR!
    Military Officers: Colonel Charlee Poulin, Lt. Colonel Kaitlyn Gonzalez, Major Taylor Wall, Senior Captain Britelyn Zeleskey & Captain Emily Hernandez.
    Social Officers:  President Danae Montes, Vice President Cali Burningham, Historian Maria Landy-Garcia and Social Media Coordinator Emma Bruton.
    Line Sergeants:  Samantha Wells & Jewel Wiley 
    30 Members on Varsity
    11 members on JV