• Frequently Asked Questions




    #1 Who can apply?

    You must be a Sophomore or Junior with three consecutive semesters of A averages in Spanish.

    You must take Spanish 3 next year, be in Spanish 3 this year or have already completed Spanish 3.

    #2 What if I don't plan to take Spanish 4?

    You may still join and be an active member provided you retain above average grades in all classes.

    #3 What if I took Spanish I in 8th grade?

    Your two semesters of A's will count!

    #4 What if my grade drops after induction?

    A committee of teachers will decide if your average and discipline record are still acceptable.

    #5 What if I don't qualify because of my grades or because I am only in Spanish I?

    Consider the Amigos Spanish Club (ASC) - A Spanish club sponsored by the SHH.

    (Sorry!  No Spanish Club available)

    #6 If we have been in Honors / Pre-Advanced Placement classes, do the grades count differently?

    No. An A is an A regular or Pre-AP.

    #7 What if I just transferred to Kingwood Park?

    Transfer students must have spent one full semester in a Spanish class at Kingwood Park High School before eligibility

    #8 What if I decide not to take Spanish 3?

    There are no refunds after induction and you will be dropped from the Society.