• The Constitution and Bylaws
    of the
    Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
    El Parque Chapter
    Kingwood Park High School
    Kingwood, TX


    Article I. Name and Classification

    Section 1. The name of this organization is the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, also known as the Spanish National Honor Society, or the Portuguese National Honor Society, and shall be referred to in this document as "the Society."

    Section 2. The purpose of the Society is to recognize high achievement in Spanish and Portuguese by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian studies.


    Article II. Qualifications for Membership

    To be eligible for the Society, students must meet all of the following criteria:

    a) Student must be a Sophomore or Junior to be inducted.

    b) Student must currently  be in Spanish III, have completed Spanish III or enrolled to take Spanish III the year after induction.

    c) Transfer students must have spent one full semester in the program before eligibility.

    d) Student must have 3 consecutive semesters in Spanish with an A average.

    e) Students must show academic integrity and character as noted by no recorded incidents of cheating, plagiarism, misconduct, insubordination or intentional dishonesty.

    f)  Students who have placed out of Spanish I and/or Spanish 2 will be credited for one semester A per level.  Student must make an A average the first semester of Spanish 3 to be eligible.


    Article III. Application and Initiation

    Section 1. Members of the Spanish Department will invite eligible students to apply in February after the first semester grades are published.

    Section 2. Potential members must fill out an application for admission. Items are to be presented to a SHH sponsor by the 1st Monday in March.

    Section 3. The Acceptance Committee will be comprised of a combination of Language teachers, and other invited guests.

    Section 4. The application must include:  a personal statement to include interest in language, personal qualifications, commitment to the betterment of Kingwood Park High School; commitment to the betterment of the Spanish-speaking community; personal qualities and examples of character, leadership, honesty, service, and cooperation; a recommendation from a Spanish teacher; a recommendation from a non Spanish teacher.

    Section 5. Acceptance letters will be distributed the first week in April.

    Section6. Initiation Ceremony will take place the 3rd week in April or at designated Honor Ceremony.


    Article IV. Qualifications for Continued Membership.

    Section 1. Each year members may engage in an activity from each of the following categories: Academic Commitment, Community Commitment, Global Commitment.

    Section 2. Academic commitment may be defined in part as the following: current enrollment in a Spanish class, publication in ¡Albricias! , maintenance of an overall GPA of B- or better.

    Section 3. Community Commitment may be defined in part as participation in the following: Leading a Foreign Language Week activity, tutoring a KPHS student in Spanish, serving as bilingual guide for KPHS students or their parents, becoming a bilingual buddy for a bilingual elementary student, recruit grade 8 students into the Spanish program, tutor a grade 8 student in Spanish.

    Section 4. Global Commitment will be defined by committee.

    Section 5. Students must continue to show academic integrity and character as noted by no recorded incidents of cheating, plagiarism, misconduct, insubordination or intentional dishonesty. (See Article XI)


    Article V. Dues and Fees

    Section 1.  The SHH will pay for the sponsor(s) dues to the AATSP and the Chapter Membership fees if not funded by the school.

    Section 2. One time dues of twenty dollars ($25) due with application.  This fee includes certificate, patch, graduation honor cord, and T Shirt. The fee will be returned if student is not accepted into the Society.  There will be no refunds after initiation.


    Article VI. Elections and Duties of Officers

    Section 1. There are four officers of the Society: President, Vice President, Secretary and Public Relations (as determined by Sponsor).

    Section 2. Officers are elected by simple majority of active members present during the first meeting of the year.  Officers must be enrolled in an upper level Spanish class.

    Section 3. The duties of the officers are as follows: attendance at all meetings, serve as exemplars for other members of the Society and the KPHS community, and organize committees.

    Section 4. The role of the President is to preside at Underclassmen Awards Ceremony, preside at meetings, and serve as student spokesperson for the Spanish Department.

    Section 5.   The role of the Vice-President is to assist the president and organize meetings.

    Section 6. The role of the Secretary is to keep the ledger of initiates, keep the ledger of Active members and their membership qualifications and attendance, keep the ledger of current officers.

    Section 7. The role of Public Relations is to keep record of all meetings, service projects and correspondence of the Society.


    Article VII. Meetings

    Section 1. Each member may be required to attend a minimum of 4 scheduled meetings and 2 scheduled events.

    Section 2. Meetings may be regularly scheduled by the sponsors and officers.

    Section 3. The last meeting of the year may take place in May to set direction for the coming year.


    Article VIII. Awards and Recognition

    Section 1. Sponsors of Active Chapters may award the Certificado de Excelencia to initiated members, winners in the National Spanish Examinations, or to the initiated member who has achieved the highest grade point average in Spanish or Portuguese for that school year. Duplicate certificates are awarded in case of ties. The number of awards is limited to ten percent of current initiates.

    Section 2. Sponsors of Active Chapters may award the Certificado por Servicios to recognize initiated members who have rendered meritorious service to their Chapter. The number awarded is limited to ten percent of current initiates.

    Section 3. Sponsors of Active Chapters may award the Premio de Honor to the best graduating senior of the Chapter. The certificate may be obtained from the National Director of the Society at no cost, and will be sent upon receipt of the student's name. The names of both the student and the Chapter sponsor will be printed in ¡Albricias! if sent by the deadline. Each Chapter may receive only one certificate each year.


    Article IX. Insignia

    Section 1. The insignia of the Society is the official one of the AATSP, as represented on the medals which may be awarded for excellence in Spanish and Portuguese.

    Section 2. The seal of the AATSP is the official seal of the Society, and it may be used in conjunction with any other seal upon approval of the National Council.

    Section 3. The motto of the Society is: Todos a una.

    Section 4. The colors of the Society are red and gold.

    Section 5. The flower of the Society is the carnation.


    Article X. Emergency Bylaws

    Section 1. Additional regulations for facilitating the government of the Society and the activities of the Chapter may be prepared by the National Council whenever the exigencies for such regulations may arise.

    Section 2. Dues may be initiated at the beginning of each year to be determined by the Sponsor and advisors


    Article XI. Discipline & Dismissal

    Section 1 - A student may be dismissed from the Spanish National Honor Society, if s/he receives campus punishment for flagrant violation of school policy or civil law. Infractions of this nature may include but are not limited to the following: DUI, stealing, destruction of property, cheating, truancy, or any infraction involving the possession, distribution, or use of drugs or alcohol at school or school-related activities. In such cases, if the student is a member of the Kingwood Park High School Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS), the ruling of the NHS Faculty Council (or the school principal, upon appeal) will be the determination of the student's status in all campus honor societies. Therefore, if a student is dismissed from NHS, s/he will immediately receive dismissal from all other campus National Honor Societies in which the student has concurrently maintained membership. This includes but is not limited to: Math National Honor Society, Social Studies National Honor Society, English National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, French National Honor Society & Spanish National Honor Society.

    Section 2 - If a student is a member of multiple honor societies but not NHS and receives a campus punishment for a flagrant violation defined in Article 1, a hearing will be conducted by the faculty councils of the pertinent honor societies to determine the status of the student's standing within each respective honor society. Should a student be a member of only one honor society, the respective faculty council will determine the student’s membership status.

    Section 3 - If a student is dismissed from any National Honor Society, s/he forfeits his/her right to continue pending applications and/or begin new applications to any National Honor Societies for the duration of the academic year in which s/he is dismissed and the subsequent academic year following his/her dismissal.