• FAQs about the library


    Q: How many books are students able to check out at one time?

    A: Students may check out 5 books.

    Q: How long may students keep their library books?

    A: Students may keep their books for a two week period. They may then renew the books in Destiny Discover or in person for an additional two weeks.

    Q: How do I come to the library during class hours?

    A: During class hours, you must obtain a pass from a subject teacher. You will then bring your pass to the library, show your pass to Mrs. Castille  and sign in.


    Q: May I work in the library during lunch?

    A. Yes, but no food or drink.

    Q: What happens if my library book is late?

    A: If you know you can't return your book on time, please renew it online or come tell us and we will renew it for you. You may renew the book even if you don't have it with you. 


    Q: May I bring snacks into the library for studying?

    A: No food, gum or drinks are allowed in the library. 


    Q: How do I access databases from home?

    A: From the library page on our KPHS website (Research @ Park). Password sheets are available at the circulation desk or use your HumbleISD login to access on the Database webpage.

    Q: How do I renew my books?

    A: Come into the library and we can help you, or go online to Destiny. When you click on the tab that says "My Info" you will see what you have checked out and a button to click for a one-time renewal. Simple- so no excuses for late books!

    Q: What are the hours of the library?

    A:  Monday-Friday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

    Open during Flex Hour