• You should follow this timeline for college planning



    Planning for College

    Fall of Junior Year

    • Take PSAT, listen to announcements for registration at KPHS. This test is only offered once a year in the fall. Sophomores are encouraged to participate. Check "yes" on Student Search Service. Sign up for the free account, on College Board and register with MY ORGANIZER. Get schedule for SAT/ACT tests.
    • Attend College Night, a college fair with representatives from throughout the  United States, Check the KPHS website for day/time, Humble Civic Center. (generally late Sept/early October)
    • Brainstorm lists of what you want/need from a college/university. (Academic challenge, size, location, price, extra curricular activities)
    • Check out The College Board"s "College Matchmaker", "Bridges" and other online search programs and make a list of schools that match your criteria.
    • Determine what is needed to gain admission to the colleges of your choice.
    • Make a folder for colleges. make note cards, save information, jot down any passwords you generate. Work on a portfolio if you are interested in the arts. Keep track of writing samples.
    • LEARN ABOUT FINANCIAL AID. Register with Fastweb.com
    • Visit with College Representatives.
    • Plan college visits during the holidays. See an admission officer, tour campus housing, seek out financial aid information.
    • For athletes, send coaches a letter of interest, an athletic resume and a play schedule before your "season."
    • Interested in a military academy? check your representatives website to see what you need to obtain a nomination.
    • Get involved in various activities. Seek leadership positions. Volunteer and keep track of volunteer hours.


    Spring of Junior Year

    • Take college entrance exams. (SAT or ACT) 
      Registration is available online, at http://www.collegeboard.com/sat/html/satform.html and http://www.act.org/. Registration packets may also be available from counselor"s office or in College/Career Resource Center. Note deadlines for payment. Mail direct to SAT or ACT.
    • APPLY NOW if interested in a Military Academy.
    • Student-athletes register with the NCAA Clearinghouse http://www.ncaaclearinghouse.net if you plan to participate in NCAA Sports in college.

    Spring Break/Summer

    • Visit Colleges, talk to college students.
    • Request college applications, usually sent late summer.
    • Ensure high school course selections meet the college admissions requirements.
    • Make sure you are lined up for High School graduation.
    • Go to summer school if needed.
    • Take credit by examination if needed.

    All Year/ Senior Year

    • Visit College/Career Resource Center and read college catalogs, gather information about colleges. See our Internet Links for informative college search sites.
    • Visit with college representatives that visit our school. Representatives will often have informational meetings in Houston, you may want to attend these as well.
    • Listen to announcements.
    • Read Senior Bulletin Boards weekly for new information.


    • Attend Senior Parent Night.
    • Begin applications for college. Be sure to allow plenty of time for teacher recommendations, and to have a transcript sent.

    September- December

    • Check for Scholarship deadlines for all the schools to which you are applying. (Many deadlines are as soon as December 1st, and you may apply before being accepted by the school).
    • Apply for on-campus housing at all colleges to which you are applying.
    • Determine if the institution(s) require the SAT II (achievement tests). Applications are available online at http://www.collegeboard.com/sat/html/satform.html. Juniors may consider taking SAT II tests in courses they have just completed.


    • Take college entrance exams if needed. Retake them if needed to meet minimum scores for the college you wish to attend.
    • Attend College Night, a college fair with representatives from all over.



    • Pick up FAFSA, a financial need analysis form, available in the counseling office, the College/Career Resource Center and online. http://www.fafsa.ed.gov Complete as soon as possible, do not wait until you file your income taxes, it will be too late for financial aid determinations.


    • Inform counselor of any financial awards, scholarships, grants, etc. received. This information is very important for your graduation program and ceremony.
    • Take THEA exam if needed (a college placement exam required by Texas public colleges)http://www.thea.nesinc.com. You may be exempt, check with your admissions office.


    • Complete all correspondence courses.


    • Make arrangements with KPHS registrar, located in the counselors office to send final transcript to your college.