Lindsay Countryman

  • Mrs. Lindsay Countryman, Head Director
    Mrs. Elyse Catoe, Assistant Director
    Mr. Andrew Bailey, Assistant Director

    Welcome to the Kingwood High School Orchestra

    Mission Statement

    Welcome to the Kingwood High School Mustang Orchestra! You will be a part of a musical organization whose music and traditions encompass five centuries, yet continue to reflect the musical trends of our society.

    The Orchestra Program here at KHS will challenge students on all levels of musical achievement. The three major divisions of instrumental music will be encouraged as a regular part of curricular and extra-curricular activities. Orchestra, both String and Full Symphony, will dominate our classroom activities as we prepare a wide variety of concert performances. The very important aspects of Small ensemble (Chamber Music) and Solo Performances will also have a significant place in our curriculum/schedule.

    Perhaps the most important activity and goal however of the Kingwood High School Mustang Orchestra is our purpose of providing our students with a wholesome, active, fun organization to which they can belong and take pride in. Hopefully, they will develop those long-term friendships and experiences that make high school such an exciting time and positive experience.

    So finally, WELCOME! It is going to be a great year, and as always we appreciate your help and support. Please do not hesitate to contact the orchestra staff at any time with your questions or concerns.

    Additional course information and class resources are located in Schoology.

    Thank you,

    Lindsay Countryman, Elyse Catoe & Andrew Bailey

    (281) 641-6998 (w)

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    Class Schedule
    1st Period - Camerata Orchestra & AP Music Theory
    2nd Period - Freshmen I
    3rd Period - Sinfonia
    4th Period - Chamber 
    5th Period - Conference
    6th Period - Philharmonic & Pre-AP Music Theory
    7th Period - Freshmen II/Middle School Visits

    Additional Tutoring Opportunities are listed on our Week-At-A-Glance in Schoology

    Mustang Hour 


    M: (B) Open Practice

    T:  Duty (B)

    W: (B) Open Practice

    T:  (B) Listening Club

    F: Fun Friday (B)


    M:  (B) Tri-M meetings

    T:   Duty (A)

    W:  (B) Open Practice

    T:   (A) Listening Club

    F:   Fun Friday (B)


    M: (B) Open Practice

    T:  Cello Choir (B)

    W: (B) Open Practice

    T:  Duty (B)

    F: Theory Tutoring (B)


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