• Frequently Asked Questions

    Please review these questions. If further explanation is needed, contact the appropriate alpha officer. 

    What do I need to do to be in good standing?
    • Members must meet their responsibilities each semester. That means paying dues, obtaining a leadership point, and completing 15 hours of service each semester. Members must also have clean conduct records.
    What happens if I'm put on probation?
    • Being put on probation means that you have fallen short in upholding your responsibilities as an NHS Member. Therefore, you must remedy the situation by the end of the next semester. For example, if you were short 3 hours of service, you must turn in your probation points by the end of the first nine weeks of the next semester. Failure to meet one's responsibilities again will lead to dismissal from NHS.
    How do I earn service hours?
    • There are multiple chances to earn service hours each semester. These opputunities are sent through Remind and Twitter. Additionally, you can submit your own ideas or other projects to count for service, but you must get it approved first.
    How do I earn a leadership point?
    • Leadership points can be earned by leading a school or community organization. You can also earn a leadership point by attending the Leadership Seminar offered by NHS once a semester. Additionally, there are certain events like Kids' Kamp or National Student Leadership Week, where you can run a committee which will earn you a leadership point.
    Can I participate in service events that are not sponsored by NHS?
    • Yes! However, you must submit a approval email for the event. An email must be sent to the Vice President of Service who has the final determination over whether it may count and for how many points. Please attach the confirmation email you receive from the Service VP to your point form when you turn it in.
    How do I know how many points I have?
    • Point statuses are updated online at the end of each semester. We do not keep continuous records of point totals due to the size of the organization, so members must take responsibility for tracking their own point totals. It is recommended that all members make a copy of their point forms before turning them in.
    Where do I turn in point forms?
    • Point forms should be in at room 2002. There is a folder hanging outside the door where all point sheets are deposited.
    What should I do if I think there is an error with my points?
    • First, you should check your own records against what is online. Second, you should contact the officer in charge of that area via email in a respectful manner. If the issue cannot be resolved by the officer, then you should contact an NHS Advisor. Please remember, it is the member's responsibility to handle their affairs, not his parents.
    What do I do if I can't make it to a monthly meeting?
    • You must turn in a meeting excuse form to the advisor in advance. You should check the website under Meetings and review the information presented in the powerpoint as well.
    What about summer hours - do I need to do them or do they count towards anything?
    • NHS members are not required to do additional hours over the summer. However, members can earn up to 10 points during the summer before the school year. Make sure to get the event supervisor's signature. Mission trips count; however, all activities have an 8 point max.

    Joining NHS 
    When can I join NHS?
    • Students become eligible to join NHS after the fall semester of their sophomore year. Additionally, students must have attended KHS for at least one semester.
    How do I join?
    • To join NHS, students must complete an application to meet requirements. To be considered by the Faculty Council, the application must be turned in on time. The Faculty Council has final determination in the selection of members after reviewing the application, the student's disciplinary record, and teacher evaluations.
    What are the requirements?
    • Students are expected to meet the point requirements specific to their grade level; these specific requirements are listed in the application. All students must have a cumulative weighted GPA of 4.0 or higher. Students must meet requirements in the areas of service, leadership, and character.
    How do I earn service hours?
    • Service can be earned through both school and community participation. A student can earn service hours for participation in their community, civic activities, school clubs, and organizations.
    How do I earn leadership points?
    • Leadership points can be earned in a variety of ways. For example, a student can be a class or club officer, an officer or representative to a district area, or state organization, an officer in a community organization, a participant in a leadership program such as the NHS Leadership Seminars, or a captain of a team.
    How do I earn character points?
    • Character points are calculated based on teacher and principal evaluations and a student's conduct record. Teachers, staff members, and principals are asked to evaluate a student's character in the areas of attitude, integrity, and behavior. Additionally, students applying for NHS cannot have more than one Thursday/Saturday class, nor a documented cheating incident.
    What activities can I count in my application?
    • Any activity completed from the summer of the student's ninth grade year forward may be counted. Hours and events from middle school will not count.
    If I don't get in the first time, may I apply again?
    • Yes, students may continue to apply each calendar year through their senior year. Students not selected for membership are sent a notice identifying the areas they should work to improve.