• Service Point Form and Leadership Point Form

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    • Service completed for other organizations (Key Club, Student Council, Rho Kappa, etc.) cannot be counted for both them and NHS.
    • 15 service points and 1 mandatory service event per semester, and 1 leadership point for the school year (1 leadership seminar = 1 point).
    • Get points from 3 different areas each semester.
    • Points roll over from fall to spring, but not year to year.
    • The event supervisor's signature is needed for points to count.


    • 8 points from a single event on a single day.
      • Example: If you volunteer every day on a single mission trip, or volunteer for 10 hours at a food bank, you will earn a max of 8 service points. If you volunteer 3 separate times at a food bank for 3 hours each time, you will earn 9 points.
    • 10 points over the summer before the school year.
    • 2 points through donations per semester.
    • Mission trips and NHS tutoring have an 8 point max.


    • To ask for approval of a leadership point, email the Leadership VP.
    • If a service activity is not on the pre-approved list, email the Service VP and ask for approval before the event occurs.
    • If you do not get a response within 1 week send a respectful follow-up email to the Service VP
      • If you still do not get a response, contact the Vice President. If they do not repond, contact the President or an NHS advisor.


    • 4 extra points are needed for missing a mandatory event.
    • 1 extra point is needed for missing a meeting without an excuse form.
      • 3 meetings can be missed with an excuse form each year. If you miss 4, you will be put on probation.
        • If special circumstances arise (surgery, etc.) where you believe you will miss more than 3, contact your alpha officer.