• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where can I eat lunch?

    1. Where can I eat lunch?
      Students will be allowed to eat lunch in the cafeteria and the picnic tables outside. These are the only two areas that food and drink are allowed. Students may have bottled water with them in instructional areas.

    2. Where do the buses drop off and pick up?
      Buses drop off and pick up in the back parking lot. The buses usually leave exactly 7 minutes after the last bell.

    3. Can I go to the parking lot during school?
      Students who have a parking space and need to go their car must obtain a pass from their assistant principal's office.

    4. Can I use my cell phone at school?
      Cell phones must be OFF and AWAY from 7:25 AM - 2:45 PM, and 9:25 AM - 2:45 PM on Thursdays. Students who have early release, check out early, have late arrival, or are looking for a ride must follow this policy as well.

      For clarification...
      "vibrate" is not off
      "silent" is not off
      this rule applies even if you are a senior
      this rule applies even if you have early release
      this rule applies even if you're texting your parent/guardian
      this rule applies even if you are outside
      this rule applies even if you are checking out early
      this rule applies even on Thursday mornings

      If a cell phone is either seen or heard, it will be confiscated. Phones that are taken will be held for 24 hours and students will pay a $15 fine before they can pick up their phone. School discipline will apply for more than one offense.

    5. Where can students make a phone call?
      Students may go to any assistant principal's office to use the phone to call a parent.

    6. Can I listen to my iPod at school?
      iPod's, MP3 players, gaming devices, etc. are not allowed on campus. Students should not bring these items to school. These items will be confiscated if they are seen in the building at any time. This includes classrooms. hallways, and common areas. Kingwood High School is not responsible for lost or stolen entertainment devices.

    7. What happens if I am out of dress code?
      Students out of dress code will be required to come into compliance in order to return to class and will receive a d-hall for the violation.

    8. What do I do if I am absent?
      It is recommended that if you are absent your parent call the school (attendance office 281-641-6903). Each time a student is absent he/she must bring a note to the assistant principal's office on the day they return. Absences that are not cleared after 48 hours of a student's return will be recorded as a truancy. It is the student's responsibility to check with his/her teachers for any work missed.

    9. What do I do if I need to leave school early?
      Students needing to check out of school early must take a note to their assistant principal's office before school. The house assistant will verify the note and then you will go to the attendance office to receive your check out pass.

      Please include the following on all notes:
      - Student name
      - Parent name
      - Student ID
      - Parent contact phone number

    10. What do I do if I am checking into school late?
      If you are less than 15 minutes late to your first class, go to class and you will be counted tardy. If you are more than 15 minutes late to school, you must sign in at the attendance office.

    11. How long are passing periods?
      Students will be given 6 minutes to get from class to class. Students are expected to arrive to all of their classes on time everyday. Tardies are cumulative for all of your classes and only start over at the semester break.

      If you are late to class, you will report to the nearest assistant principal's office to receive a tardy slip. Teachers will not allow you back into class without a tardy slip.

      Tardies 1 - 3 = warning
      Tardies 4 - 7 = D-hall
      Tardies 8+ = Saturday class
      Excessive tardies can result in in-school suspension

    12. Where can I drop off something for my student during the day?
      Parents are allowed to drop items for a student at the greeter's desk at the main entrance of the school. We do not have a way to notify students that you have dropped something off.

    13. Where is the lost and found?
      The lost and found is located in the House 4 office (2400).

Last Modified on September 12, 2012