• Name: Russell Traylor
    Grade: 10-12
    Subject / Department: Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation 
    Room Number: 4707
    Telephone Number: 281-641-7053
    Email Address: rtraylo@humbleisd.net 
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    Forensic Science is a course that uses a structured and scientific approach to the investigation of crimes of assault, abuse and neglect, domestic violence, accidental death, homicide, and the psychology of criminal behavior. Students will learn terminology and investigative procedures related to crime scene, questioning, interviewing, criminal behavior characteristics, truth detection, and scientific procedures used to solve crimes. Using scientific methods, students will collect and analyze evidence through case studies and simulated crime scenes such as fingerprint analysis, ballistics, and blood spatter analysis. Students will learn the history, legal aspects, and career options for forensic science.  


    Criminal Investigation is a course that introduces students to the profession of criminal investigations. Students will understand basic functions of criminal investigations and procedures and will learn how to investigate or follow up during investigations. Students will learn terminology and investigative procedures related to criminal investigation, crime scene processing, evidence collection, fingerprinting, and courtroom presentation. Through case studies and simulated crime scenes, students will collect and analyze evidence such as fingerprint analysis, bodily fluids, hairs, fibers, shoe and tire impressions, bite marks, drugs, tool marks, firearms and ammunition, blood spatter, digital evidence, and other types of evidence.


    Tutorials will be during A block of Mustang Hour on Mondays and Tuesdays.


    Additional course information and class resources are located in Schoology


    Electronic Device Classroom Policy
    Electronic Device's (cell phones) will not be allowed to be visible or used in the classroom unless the class is directed to use them by the teacher.  A box will be provided at the teachers desk for students to place thier cell phones in when they enter class if they need to place them away from themselves.  Students will be allowed to place their cell phone in their backpack or purse if they do not want to place them in the provided box.  Any student with their cell phone visible (other than in the box) will be subject to disciplinary actions. The use of a smart watch for texting will be treated in the same manner as using a cell phone.

    1st - Forensic Science
    2nd - Forensic Science
    3rd - Forensic Science
    4th - Conference
    5th - Criminal Investigation
    6th  - Forensic Science
    7th -  Forensic Science