Mrs. Patricia Sano
    Psychology (AP)
    Government (L)
    Room Number: 2109
    Telephone Number:

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    Master of Education in Teacher Leadership
    Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education

    1st:  GOV 

    2nd: APPSYCH

    3rd: APPPSYCH

    4th: Conference

    5th: GOV

    6th: GOV

    7th: GOV

    Virtual Office Hours/Tutoring (11-21 August ONLY) Wed 2-3pm & Fri 1-2pm

    Virtual Office Hours/Tutoring for classes begining 8/24 will be:

    Zoom or Room 2109: Mondays & Tuesdays during B lunch 12:31-12:59pm (in room tutorials can only take place if social distancing can happen)

    Zoom: Wednesdays & Thursdays 3:00-3:30pm

    The "Zoom with Mrs. Sano" link is on the class Schoology homepage.


    Please go to the class schoology page for anything class related!


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