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    Carla Craig                                              

    Math Department

    Room 4104



    Algebra 2 PreAP:  Periods 1,2,3,4,5,6

    Conference Period: 7


    (you must use your Humble ISD Gmail account)
    Class Info and Policies (PowerPoint from the 1st day of school)
    *** Includes cell phone policy:  NO PHONES OUT during class please!
    Need Extra Help?
    Please bring your class notes and specific questions and/or problems:
    • CRAIG - Monday Lunch B Block (2nd half) - Room 4104 
    • CRAIG - Wednesday Lunch A Block (2nd half) - Room 4104

    Other teachers are also available for help at lunch:

    • RANEY - Tuesday Lunch B Block (2nd half) - Room 4107
    • HOUSTON - Tuesday Lunch B BLock (2nd half) = Room 4108
    • RANEY - Thursday Lunch B Block (2nd half) - Room 4107
    • HOUSTON - Thursday Lunch B Block (2nd half) - Room 4108

    Click here for the entire lunch tutoring schedule.  (link is not activate yet., but will be soon!)

    SAT Practice:  Tuesday Lunch B block (2nd half) in room 4104

    Make Up Tests will be given in the Testing Center, Room LGI 4210 during lunch every day.
    • Just as we do for regular tests, you must use a school calculator, which is provided in the Testing Center. 
    • You must be there within 5 minutes of the start of lunch and you should plan to bring a lunch with you and eat it while testing.
    • Please be aware that if you are late to make-ups, you will not receive extra time or be allowed to finish at a later date.
    Retests (once per grading period, for up to a 70 only)
    • You must follow instructions regarding test corrections first. (click here)
    • Schedule the retest with Mrs. Craig prior to the deadline you were given.
    • Retests will be given in the Testing Center, Room LGI 4210, during lunch AFTER students have met with me during a help time regarding their test corrections. (See above for more info about Testing Center rules.)

     COURSE SELECTION INFO for next year 2020-2021