• Where to Go, Who to See, What to Do



    A STUDENT WHO NEEDS TO SEE THE COUNSELOR should complete the online counselor request form.  Situations that need immediate attention should be indicated to the secretary who will immediately notify the Counselor.


    PARENTS WHO NEED TO SPEAK WITH THE COUNSELOR should e-mail the Counselor. The Counselor will then be in contact with the parent.


    TO GET CLASS RANK , students may see registrars or counselors.  Class rank is considered confidential information and will not be given out over the telephone.  Class rank is computed two times a year: January and June. Final senior class rank is computed at the end of the third nine weeks after grade corrections are done and is available fifteen days before graduation.


    TO GET A PROOF OF ENROLLMENT FORM FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY (ALSO KNOWN AS A VOE FORM) : A student should go to their House office.  Each student must pick up the form in person and sign it with the secretary as a witness.


    NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER :  Students should log on to the NCAA Eligibility Center and complete the application process.  Print necessary copies and submit them to the Registrar's office.


    SOCIAL SECURITY FORMS :  There are two pages that should be given to the Registrar's office for completion.  One form will be returned to the student and one is kept by the school.

    CORRESPONDENCE COURSES:  A student must see the Counselor to sign up for a correspondence course.  Neither the Counseling Office nor Kingwood High School provides textbooks for these courses; they must be ordered from the institution offering the course. Students/Parents need to verify that the course provider is approved through NCAA if they interested in participating in college athletics.


    WITHDRAWAL PROCEDURES :  The Registrar needs to receive notice that the student is withdrawing approximately two days prior to the withdrawal so that papers can be completed for the parent's signature.  All withdrawal forms require a parent's signature before a student can be withdrawn.  The student must complete the withdrawal process by taking this form to the indicated parties for signatures and return it to the Registrar for completion.