• Credit By Exam




    What is a Credit by Examination? A Credit by Examination (CBE) is a criterion-referenced test that evaluates your mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for a particular subject or grade level. CBEs may be taken for two types of credit: placement credit (to receive credit for a subject in which you have had prior experience) and acceleration credit (to skip a subject or grade). Approved by the Texas Education Agency, Extended Studies CBEs are available for elementary grades K-5, middle school, and high school courses (with the exception of some local credit courses) listed in the Texas Tech University catalog.
    How do I enroll to take a Credit by Examination? See your counselor.
    How much does a Credit by Examination cost?   An exam costs approximately $45.00 and is nonrefundable.
    Where do I take my Credit by Examination? The CBE is mailed to the campus. As soon as the exam arrives at KHS, someone will contact you to arrange a time to test. Please be aware that there are designated testing windows during the school year.
    Will I receive study material? Review material is available online at www.k12.ttu.edu . You may access these review sheets at your local library or through a school counselor if you do not have Internet access at home. The CBE review sheets include sample questions (in many cases, sample exams), explain the format of the exam in detail, and suggest helpful textbooks to review. CBE study sheets are not comprehensive and do not cover all the material that will be in the test. We recommend that you download review sheets within 30 days of testing to ensure you receive the most current versions possible.

     *See your counselor with questions regarding Credit By Exams.