• The College-Bound Student-Athlete


    This Guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the advice of your counselor, coach, trainer and the guidelines published by the NCAA, NJCAA and the NAIA.

    Because eligibility requirements and rules vary by Collegiate Athletic Association, it is important to know the Association membership of the schools you are interested in attending. (For example, The University of Texas at Austin is Division I NCAA; Colorado School of Mines is Division II NCAA; Johns Hopkins University is Division III NCAA; College of the Ozarks is NAIA; and Blinn College is NJCAA.)



    NCAA Eligibility Center(formerly NCAA Clearinghouse) for Online Registration


    In order to play Division I or II NCAAcollege athletics, you are required to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Registration (certification) is required to make official school visits and to sign a National Letter of Intent.

    NCAA recommends that students interested in playing NCAA collegiate athletics (Div I & II) register with the NCAA Eligibility Center by the beginning of their sophomore year. This leaves adequate time to ensure compliance to the necessary NCAA standards. However, if you did not register as a sophomore, it is not too late. You can register at any time.

    Registration with the NCAA gives you a Certification Account with a NCAA ID number. The registration fee is currently $90 for U.S. students. (Fee waivers are available to those who qualify.)

    If you are interested in playing Division III NCAAathletics or are currently undecidedabout competition level, you do not need to register and pay. Instead, it is recommended that you create a free Profile Page at the NCAA Eligibility Center. This profile can be updated to a registered account if it becomes necessary. 

    NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)


    NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association)


    Helpful Summary Guide from NCAA: