1. How do I get a slow pass?  We need to have a note from the parent explaining why the slow pass is needed.  If the pass is needed for longer than 2-3 days we need a note from the physician.
    2. All Elevators no longer need keys.
    3. When do we need a  physician to sign medication paperwork? 
         A. Any medication given daily
         B. Any medication given more than 4 times in a month
         C. All prescription medications that will be given on a as needed basis
         D. Any medication dose greater than what is stated on the bottle 
         E. All Inhaler paperwork and all Epi- pen paperwork will need to be signed by a
    4. How do I sign my student out when ill? Please have your student come to the clinic if ill.  If your student contacts you to pick them up(via text message or a phone call) tell them to come to the clinic.  Everyday we have parents arrive to pick up a sick child, but we have not seen them.