Policies and Procedures


    phoneCell Phones and other devices

    Students are allowed to use personal technology devices that can access the Internet for educational purposes as determined by the classroom teacher. Students will be allowed to use the device between classes and in the cafeteria setting in a digitally responsible manner. For more information, see    Page 61 of the Parent/Student Handbook


    college dayCollege Days

    Beginning your junior year, students are allotted four (4) college days to be used at your discretion.
    College days may be used starting your junior year. Your junior year may use (2) days. You may not take
    all four (4) days all in one year.

    ***For all college days, written documentation from the college should be on campus letter head with
    the students name and date that they attended.

    dress codeDress Code

    Some of the most common dress code issues are: Boys and girls can have earrings but no other visiible piercings. Girls need to be appropriately covered (legs, midriff, chest, and back). Girls can have earrings only (no nose rings, tongue rings, etc.)   Students out of dress code will be sent to their House Office.
    exemptionExemption Policy - Secondary Schools-Only for non-EOC classes.

    1.   Library, ID, misc. fine/fees cleared

    2.  No more than 3 absences

    3.  Semester average of 80 or higher

    4.  No more than 1 Saturday/Thursday class

    5.  No time removed from classes (discipline program, in school suspension, etc.)

    6.  Students cannot exempt the final exam for the same class both semesters (except for second semester graduating seniors and students taking AP exams)

    7.  Dual credit students must take final exams for Lone Star College-Kingwood. (When final exams are administered, grades that will be submitted to the college will be calculated to include the final exam.  If the student meets the high school exemption requirements, grades submitted for the high school report card will be calculated without the final exam) 

    8.  Students enrolled in an EOC course (English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, US History) will be administered a semester exam at the end of the fall semester, but they will be administered a summative test in place of a final exam in the spring semester.  The exam in the fall semester may be exempted if the student meets the necessary criteria to do so.

    9.  Students enrolled in an AP course in the spring semester may earn an additional exemption for that course in the spring semester by taking the AP exam.  This exemption may be applied even if the student already exempted this course in the fall semester.


    ipodIPOD's and other personal entertainment devices
    IPOD's and other personal entertainment devices are allowed on campus.  See the statement above about cell phones and other devices. 

    phoneStudent calling home
    Students needing to call home can use a phone in any assistant principal's office.
    tardyTardy Policy
    Time in class is a critical component of the educational process. When students are late to class, they do not just miss the time being late, but also must miss class to be assigned detentions, speak with their assistant principal, etc. Please encourage your student to be on time to all classes every day.

    Consequences are assigned as follows:

    Tardies 1-3 Verbal Reprimand

    Tardies 4-6 Detention (d-hall)
    Tardies 7+ Saturday/Thursday Class

    Students whose tardiness is deemed excessive and disruptive to the educational process will be considered for I.S.S., suspension, assignment to the discipline program, etc.

    Note: Tardies are not done on a per class basis, but are inclusive of all classes and they start over at the semester break.

    Each teacher handles tutoring for his or her course. Use ONE LUNCH wisely! Teachers can be contacted by phone or email, or may have times posted on their website. Also, NHS offers peer tutoring.