Our Facilities

  • We have a full compliment of theatrical facilities.  Students are immersed in a variety of educations methodologies using each portion of the facility to its fullest.

    Currently, our facilities include:

    Main Stage Proscenium Theatre

    • A proscenium Theatre measuring 48' across and 36' deep with 16' of wing space Stage Left and 8' Stage Right.
    • A 855 seat house.
    • A full size scene shop, 80x28', complete with power and hand tools.
    • Director and Technical Offices
    • Men & Women's makeup and dressing rooms complete with bathrooms and washer/dryers for each
    • Rooms

      • Property Room
      • Costume Room
      • Rolling Stock Rooms
      • Scene Storage Areas
      • 2 Theatre Classrooms
    • An ETC 48/96 Express Console
    • Over 150 Lighting instruments for varying degrees of Source Four units and Fresnels
    • A 28 Channel Mixing console with audio components (CD, DAT, EQs)
    • Projection screens and projectors

    Black Box Theatre

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