• About Project Graduation


    Project Graduation is the annual after-graduation celebration for the newest graduates of Humble High School. It is an exciting night of fun, food, music, and prizes in a drug and alcohol free environment.  The concept began about 24 years ago, in Maine, after seven students lost their lives on graduation night in alcohol/drug related incidents. HHS has participated in this event since 1988, as do all the other high schools in Humble ISD.  Our goal is to continue the tradition of Project Graduation in efforts to keep our children and our community safe by providing a sensational, fun, activity filled, substance-free evening that every graduate will want to attend.

    The tremendous success of Project Graduation at Humble High School is evidenced by the increasing attendance each year to the event. This success can be attributed to the generous support and backing received from our community.......the parents, churches, businesses, restaurants, community service organizations and alumni who care enough to make a difference in the lives of our young people. 

    Although, we have the support of the school, the school nor the school district is able to provide any funding for this event. In addition, it requires vast amounts of organization, planning, time and parental participation for it to be a success, fundraising is essential to our efforts, please find out how you can become involved in the process today!

    What do the seniors do at Project Graduation?

    The Class of 2016 will celebrate Project Graduation at Humble High School.   Festive activities will include  video games, billiards, casino, inflatables, food, hypnotist, magician, dancing, and much more!!!! 

    There are drawings for prizes all night long to add to the excitement. Prizes include laptops, TV’s, video game systems, dorm items, gift cards, cash prizes, etc. It also offers them the opportunity as a class to spend one last time together.


    Who attends Project Graduation?

    All eligible HHS graduating seniors are encouraged to attend.


    When is Project Graduation?

    Project Graduation is the same night as graduation, May 28, 2016. Check-in is at 10:30pm pm and pick-up will be at  school by 7am.


    How is Project Graduation funded? 

    Funding for PG16 comes from fundraising and donations raised solely during the senior year by PG. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization/booster club. In general, we begin the year only with the money left over from the previous year. Our 2015-2016 budget goal is $75,000 to cover the activities, decorations, entertainment, senior gifts, prizes, food, security and other incidentals. However, the greatest percentage of funding goes toward the door prizes.  Our goal is for every senior to walk away with a prize. 



    How much does it cost to attend?

    Admission to Project Graduation is nominal usually around $25.00, which includes a PG16 T-shirt which is their ticket into PG16. Please consider that several schools in the district and around the state charge as much as $100.00 per student.

    I have company coming can my student’s friend, cousin, sister come with them

    This event is only for eligible HHS seniors ONLY.

    How can you help with Project Gradation?

    Your involvement is extremely important.  We cannot stress this enough. There are many ways parents can help and no job is too small.  Attend every meeting you can. Your input is very important.  Even if you cannot commit the time to serve on a board or committee, your participation in the fundraisers is VERY IMPORTANT to making this night a success for our seniors. Businesses can make tax deductible donations and corporate matching is encouraged.

    ***Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your seniors night a safe one! ***

    How can I keep informed on Project Graduation?

    Regular updates will be made on the website.  We also encourage you to sign up to be on our email distribution list, just send email address to 

    My child is not a senior yet how does this affect me?

    The tradition of Project Graduation rests with the passing of knowledge from one class to the next. The best way to accomplish this is to attend meetings, listen and learn. The role of the Underclassman Executive Board is to prepare to take over and ensure a head start for their class. Sophomore and freshmen parents are always welcome to listen and help.