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    Alcohol Awareness and Education

    As a non-profit Project Graduation has a responsibility to educate on the dangers of underage drinking by college bound students. Project Graduation came to be because of several alcohol related deaths that occurred in Maine as a result of post-graduation celebrations 20 years ago.

    Some quick facts about Alcohol and teens:

    Alcohol is the #1 drug of choice among teens in America.

    Alcohol kills more young people than all illicit drugs combined.

    A national survey conducted in 2006 showed that 73% of high school seniors have tried alcohol.

    Over 2,000 youth ages 15-20 were killed in traffic crashes involving alcohol in 2005.

    Even if your child is not drinking, the possibility that they could be hit by someone who is does

    exist. As does the generous parent who thinks it is ok to let seniors drink because it is a special occasion to celebrate.”
    It is important to talk to children about the dangers of alcohol abuse and to protect them from those who do.

    Please take a few minutes to visit these websites and get more information.





    Project Graduation is a celebration of their achievement but it is also an
    opportunity to discuss with your student your views on alcohol and your
    expectations when they go away to school. Don’t miss it!