• Timothy Nichols
    Grade: 11th and 12th
    Subject: IB/Mathematics
    Room Number: 4018
    Phone: 281-361-6300
    Email: timothy.nichols@humbleisd.net


    Life is a Blast - Live IT!      

  • Class Schedule

    1st Period: IB Math Applications - Juniors
    2nd Period: IB Math Appications - Seniors
    3rd Period: IB Chemistry - Seniors
    4th Period: Conference
    5th Period: IB Math Analysis - Juniors
    6th Period: IB Math Analysis - Seniors
    7th Period: IB Math Analysis - Junior


  • See Schoology for weekly onling learning agenda

    09/21/2020 we begin periods 1-7 for all Face 2 Face students

    TUTORING Times

    6:45 am - 7:15 am Monday and Friday

    3:00 - 3:30 Tuesday after school - unless I am in a meeting